The rank of Presidential Professor was established by Bucknell in 1972. Appointed for a three-year term, Presidential Professors are entitled to additional support for scholarship and research. To date, 40 faculty members have earned the distinction.

Presidential Professors:

2018-2021: Richard Kozick, electrical and computer engineering.

2018-2021: Carol White, religious studies

2017-2020: Katie Faull, German and comparative humanities

2017-2020: T. Joel Wade, psychology

2016-2019: Gary Steiner, philosophy

2016-2019: Jeffrey Trop, geology & environmental geosciences

2015-2018: DeeAnn Reeder, biology

2015-2018: Constance Ziemian, mechanical engineering

2014-2017: Linden Lewis, sociology

2014-2017: Timothy Strein, chemistry

2013-2016: Maria Antonaccio, religion

2013-2016: Thomas Solomon, physics

2010-2013: Karen Morin, geography

2010-2013: Janet Jones, classics

2010-2013: Ronald Ziemian, civil & environmental engineering

2007-2010: James Baish, mechanical and biomedical engineering

2007-2010: Manuel Delgado, Spanish

2007-2010: Jean Shackelford, economics

2004-2007: Martha Verbrugge, history

2004-2006: Maurice Aburdene, electrical engineering and computer science

2004-2006: Charles Clapp, chemistry

2001-2003: Jeff Evans, civil and environmental engineering

2001-2003: Pamela Gorkin, mathematics

2001-2003: John Peeler, political science

1996-1999: Jackson Hill, music

1996-1999: Marilyn Mumford, English

1996-1999: James Orbison, civil engineering

1993-1995: David Cartwright, mechanical engineering

1993-1995: Steve Stamos, international relations

1993-1995: Robert Love Taylor, English

1990-1992: Mary Hill, history/women's studies

1990-1992: Hans Veening, chemistry

1987-1992: Joseph Fell, philosophy

1982-1988: Michael Payne, English

1980-1986: Richard Henry, physics

1979-1986: John Wheatcroft, English

1979-1983: Robert Brungraber, civil engineering

1974-1980: Douglas Sturm, sociology & anthropology

1973-1980: Doug Candland, psychology/animal behavior

1972-1978: Harold Heine, chemistry