Pumpkin Trebuchet MakersWhat did you make and why is it cool?

This is a floating-arm trebuchet made to hurl small (~5-lb.) pumpkins more than 100 yards. It's cool because it's an award-winning pumpkin hurling machine that was designed and built collaboratively by students, faculty and staff from across the Bucknell University community.

How did you get started?

Pretty much everyone was involved because, when they were children, they thought big throwing machines were cool. Also, Bucknell's College of Engineering provided funding to buy the wood and associated materials for an activity that would engage students outside of classtime in something hands-on.

What's next?

At the 2013 Susquehanna Valley Pumpkin Tossing Competition we won for distance, but split the overall trophy for the combination of distance and accuracy with another team. What's next for 2014? Winning, of course.