We seek to offer the tools, provide the opportunities and tell the stories that have not been told before in the places they have not been heard.

Kahani means "Story" in Hindi and a griot is a story-teller in West African cultures. In higher education in the West, it is seldom that the stories of all the different people in America are told, let alone studied through the lens of theatre.

Students and faculty of color are spread out across academia in disparate universities and colleges with no comprehensive way to collaborate and learn from each other. We seek to remedy that problem through a theatre and writing intensive specifically for students who identify as people of color, taught by faculty who identify as teachers of color.

Program Details

The intensive consists of a two-week acting and writing summer intensive specifically for undergraduate students who self-identify as actors and writers of color. This intensive will accept 20 students who will all explore four components of theatre training:

  1. Writing for Performance
  2. Ethnically/Racially specific Scene Study
  3. Devised Performance
  4. Theatre History; specifically focused on issues of race and/or traditionally under represented groups/communities in American Theatre.

In addition, we are hopeful that the workshop will also offer these unique opportunities:

  • ​ Workshops with guest artists of color in the profession.
  • A showcase of final scenes and/or readings, potentially for the public.
  • A final presentation of devised work to perform for Bucknell's Community Scholars program at Bucknell.

Students will live together, eat together, take class together and then perform together as a part of the complete theatre ensemble experience. The faculty of this intensive will also be professors who self-identify as artists and educators of color and/or specialize in issues of race and/or traditionally underrepresented groups/communities in American Theatre.

Lastly, we would like to offer four to six Bucknell students the opportunity to take the intensive as ambassadors to Bucknell. These students do not need to be self-identified students of color, but rather would be able to take classes with the group, act in scene work and performances and in addition take part in a series of workshop with a member of the Bucknell theatre faculty with a background in advocacy on ways that they can create safe spaces for people of color in their own projects and programs. This ambassador's program would train students to act as advocates in all components of their theatre work.

Final information packets will be mailed to all participants in April 2018.