We seek to offer the tools, provide the opportunities and tell the stories that have not been told before in the places they have not been heard.

Kahani means "Story" in Hindi and a griot is a story-teller in West African cultures. In higher education in the West, it is seldom that the stories of all the different people in America are told, let alone studied through the lens of theatre.

Students and faculty of color are spread out across academia in disparate universities and colleges with no comprehensive way to collaborate and learn from each other. We seek to remedy that problem through "Challenge 2020" a theatre and writing initiative-driven conference open to all students and faculty who desire to learn more and work toward a solution.

Conference Details

Challenge 2020 aims to bring discussion to the following questions in regard to working with theatre students of color:

Who can I cast in what role?

Can I direct a theatre piece by an African American?

How do I successfully recruit on my campus?

Though still in the planning stages, the Kahani-Griot committee intends to invite scholars to address the aspects of scene study, playwriting, theatre history and Black Acting Methods.

Check back for updates about featured speakers, more conference details and a call for papers!