Living and learning together is a critical element of the residential experience. In fact, the University's supportive and vibrant community is probably one of the reasons you chose Bucknell.

As a student, it's on you to help care for your fellow Bucknellians by taking ownership of your space. That means keeping it clean, holding one another accountable and following good health practices.

Bucknell's Facilities team will clean and sanitize common areas, but you'll be expected to keep your own spaces clean. 

Housing Assignments

In order to provide adequate social distancing, all students living in traditional housing will be in a single- or double-occupancy room, eliminating triples and quads on campus. For those students residing in suite or apartment-style living (Roberts, Bucknell West, Gateways and South Campus Apartments), the housing arrangement will be maintained. Our Housing Services team is working to reduce capacity as much as possible while allowing for the least number of students to share a common restroom.

If your current room assignment will be impacted by these measures to reduce density in residential spaces, you will receive communication directly from Housing Services. All first-year students will be housed with their Foundation Seminar or Engineering 100 classmates. 

Even though we have reduced capacity in certain areas, we are unable to honor requests for capacity reductions. If you are in a housing assignment that has a vacancy (i.e. living in a double by yourself or having an empty bedroom in an apartment), we are unable to "hold," "freeze" or "block" students from living there. We make every effort to allow students to choose their roommates. In the event a roommate is not chosen, Housing Services may use the space for another student. This could occur at any time during the semester.  

All questions regarding room assignments, individual residence halls or rooms, or move-in should be directed to Housing Services. Please contact housing@bucknell.edu or 570-577-1195. 

Cleaning Common Areas

Instructions for cleaning will be posted within common areas of campus housing (community kitchens, lounges, etc.). Please follow the guidelines before and after use of the space. All kitchen accessories should be kept in your room.

  • Wipe down counters, appliances, tables and hard surfaces after you are finished in the area. Please use the paper towels and the disinfectant provided. 
  • Custodians will clean and disinfect these surfaces daily, but all students should clean up after themselves at other times throughout the day.  
  • Clean dishes, utensils and other kitchen items after each use. Please be courteous to others and do not leave them in the sink.
  • Throw trash and recycling in the appropriate cans that have been provided.
  • Label all leftover food with your name and room number.
  • Contact your RA/OA or the custodian in your area should you need additional cleaning supplies.