EatWell Nutrition Tool

EatWell is Bucknell's online tool that allows students, faculty and staff to make educated food choices.

EatWell allows users to:

  • View nutrition information for individual items, or calculate the nutrition of an entire meal.
  • Filter menu options by allergens.
  • Learn healthy eating habits and choose well-balanced meals.

How to Use EatWell

  1. Go to the Dining Services EatWell page.
  2. Choose the dining facility and food station(s) you will visit or have visited.
  3. Choose the menu items you want to analyze and change the standard serving size (located on the right) to reflect your actual portion size. Need help estimating the portion size? Download this sheet (pdf) as a reference.
  4. Get nutrition information by simply hovering over the desired items, or select the item(s) you want to review and then select Item Nutrition.
  5. To get your entire meal's nutritional information, select the desired item(s) and click Add Items. You will see your options in the upper right corner under My Meal. By clicking Meal Nutrition you can review the total nutritional content of your selected meal.

Allergy Filters

Use the allergy filter to control which foods are displayed. The most common allergies are listed in the lower left corner. Check all of the allergens you want to avoid and those food items containing the allergen will no longer be displayed on the menu. For example, if you check the allergen box for milk, only menu items without milk will appear on your list of menu choices.

MyFitnessPal App

The nutritional information from Bucknell Dining Services found on EatWell is also available on the MyFitnessPal website and free mobile app.

EatWell's nutrition analysis is based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Information is established on USDA information, standardized recipes and ingredient labels. All information is approximate, as nutrition values are susceptible to change.