Campus Activities & Events

In keeping with the University's tradition of providing engaging experiences, Bucknell is committed to offering students a full menu of activities and programs. 

With Bucknell's 200-plus clubs and organizations, to our student programming board (Core) to our MakerSpaces and outdoor education activities, you'll have a wide array of opportunities to suit your interests.

We continue to explore options for students to participate in traditional Bucknell events such as Bison Sound and Black Arts Festival. We are planning more indoor and outdoor events spread out across campus. The climbing wall, outdoor equipment rental center and the new fire pit on South Campus are available to students.

Outside tents and seating will be made available for student social use throughout campus.

All student meetings, events and gatherings, whether organized or impromptu, will follow University COVID guidelines.

Guidance for Events on Campus

All student meetings, events and gatherings, whether organized or impromptu, must follow University guidelines for face coverings and physical distancing as well as ensure that the maximum capacity is not exceeded (see below).

Note: An event plan must be submitted to the Events Management Office, detailing plans for each of the areas outlined below, no less than two full weeks from the date of the event. 

Events Management

Maximum Capacity

  • Indoor gatherings: No more than 25 people. Events larger than 25 people should become virtual events or move outdoors.
  • Outdoor gatherings: No more than 50 people. For outdoor events with 26 to 50 people, be sure to plan for inclement weather with a secondary date or a rain plan that adheres to the 25-person indoor capacity rule.

Safety & Health

  • Require face coverings for all meetings and events.
  • Ensure that all participants have easy access to hand-washing facilities and/or hand sanitizer.

Venue Considerations

  • Consider moving the event outdoors.
  • If indoors, choose a space large enough to allow for 6-foot physical distancing of each participant. This will likely mean 50% of the room's normal maximum capacity or less.
  • Stagger seating and tables to promote separation.
  • Meet no longer than necessary to complete the task.
  • If the event requires a check-in desk, move the desk outdoors so participants can line up outside.

Participant Rosters

  • Schedulers and event planners are required to maintain rosters of all in-person individuals involved in the activity, including attendees, faculty/staff and speakers/performers.
  • Roster submissions must be turned into the Events Management Office or Student Organization adviser after the event. The Events Management Office can assist with available options to collect this information.


  • Share guidance about arrival times, expectations, room layout and physical distancing with participants in advance.
  • Update and distribute timely and accurate communication plans for event notices and information.

Food & Beverage

  • Have hand sanitizer at every food and beverage station.
  • Use prepackaged meals, snack kits and individual water bottles.
  • Do not serve meals buffet style.

Read the 2020-21 event guide before planning an in-person event

See the guide