Bucknell is requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Aug. 1, 2021, prior to their arrival on campus for the fall 2021 semester.

This requirement will allow a safe return to in-person instruction and the vibrant, residential and interactive community that creates the full Bucknell experience. The vaccine offers the best opportunity for students to be able to gather safely beginning in the fall, with reduced need for sequential testing, quarantine and isolation.

The University will work with individual students who may have limited access to the vaccine, including international students, to ensure that they can meet this new requirement.

Exemptions will be available only in limited cases of a verified medical contraindication for the COVID-19 vaccine or of a religious belief or practice that conflicts with the COVID-19 immunization requirement. In both cases documentation must be sent to Bucknell Student Health. General philosophical or moral objections to the COVID-19 vaccine do not qualify for an exemption.

Before contacting Bucknell Student Health, please review these frequently asked questions.

Additional questions should be directed to Bucknell Student Health by calling 570-577-1401 or emailing


Questions about the vaccination requirement?

Read the FAQ

How to Submit Documentation of Vaccination

All students should send their COVID-19 vaccination documentation to

  • This includes incoming first-year or transfer students who have already submitted their medical record form but did not include COVID-19 vaccine information.
  • Incoming first-year or transfer students filling out the medical records form for the first time should include their COVID-19 vaccine documentation. 

To submit documentation, scan or take a picture of the front of your completed COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Be sure we can read your name, date of birth and the completed vaccine record.

The deadline for submission of COVID-19 vaccine documentation for all students is Aug. 1, 2021.

If You Have Lost Your Vaccination Card

If you have lost your CDC vaccination card, please contact the medical office or pharmacy where you received your vaccination and request documentation that you received the vaccine. The documentation must include manufacturer, lot number, date of administration and location.

Other Medical Records for New Students

Please note that the due date for new students to submit their medical records to Bucknell Student Health is still June 15, 2021. If you cannot complete your COVID-19 vaccination by June 15, you can send your COVID-19 vaccine documentation separately by Aug. 1. Please complete all other requirements for your medical record and submit it as soon as possible.

International Students

International students who have received COVID-19 vaccines not authorized for use in the United States will be managed on a case-by-case basis and must contact Bucknell Student Health prior to arrival to campus.

If you will be unable to complete the full COVID-19 immunization series prior to arrival to campus due to lack of availability in your home country, please contact Bucknell Student Health for specific authorization to arrive on campus prior to completing the COVID-19 vaccine series. You will be granted 15 days after the date of your arrival on campus to begin the COVID-19 vaccine series and must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series within the medically recommended interval. During this period you will be tested sequentially for COVID-19.

Information for Fully Vaccinated Students

Sequential Testing

Students who have been fully vaccinated (both doses for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, single dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine) will no longer be included in on-campus COVID-19 testing beginning two weeks from receiving the final dose. Send documentation of your Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Student Health at


Beginning two weeks after receiving their final dose, fully vaccinated students are permitted to travel beyond the immediate area. They are still required to contact to share their plans in advance of travel beyond a 30-mile radius of campus. Please be sure you have sent documentation of your vaccination to Student Health. 

Contact Tracing

Beginning two weeks after their final dose, students who have been fully vaccinated and have been identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, but do not have symptoms of COVID-19 themselves, will not be required to quarantine. The contact tracer will check your documentation with Student Health.

Face Covering and Other Mitigation Efforts

All other campus COVID-19 mitigation efforts remain in effect, including rules about face covering, room occupancy and physical distancing. Students who have been vaccinated must continue to practice other mitigation efforts including wearing a face covering, hand washing and physical distancing.