Bucknell Student Health strongly recommends that students get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is making COVID-19 vaccinations available to those in category 1B beginning April 5. This group includes both education workers and those living in congregate settings, such as students residing on campus.

To check vaccine availability in our area, please visit the state's website or the direct federal distribution program site. Students who wish to schedule their first vaccine locally should make sure to allow enough time to complete the vaccination series prior to leaving at the end of the semester. 

If You Are Being Vaccinated

  • If you have only received one Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccine, you will still be required to participate in sequential testing until two weeks after your second vaccine. If you have received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you will still be required to participate in sequential testing until two weeks after receiving the vaccine.
  • You will also need to follow quarantine guidelines if identified as a close contact during this time period. If you are in quarantine as a close contact with a positive case or as a return traveler, you may not leave until you have been released from quarantine. The CDC does not recommend vaccination for anyone during this time period. If you are already scheduled for a vaccine during your quarantine period, please reschedule for a date after your release.
  • If you need to travel home to receive your second vaccine and cannot travel and return on the same day, you can either stay home for two weeks before being cleared by Student Health to return to campus or return to campus and complete the traveler quarantine and testing protocol.

Send documentation of your vaccination to Student Health at

Exemptions for Fully Vaccinated Students

Sequential Testing
Students who have been fully vaccinated (both doses for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, single dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine) will no longer be included in on-campus COVID-19 testing beginning two weeks from receiving the final dose. Send documentation of your Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Student Health at

Beginning two weeks after receiving their final dose, fully vaccinated students are permitted to travel beyond the immediate area. They are still required to contact to share their plans in advance of travel beyond a 30-mile radius of campus. Please be sure you have sent documentation of your vaccination to Student Health. 

Contact Tracing
Beginning two weeks after their final dose, students who have been fully vaccinated and have been identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, but do not have symptoms of COVID-19 themselves, will not be required to quarantine. The contact tracer will check your documentation with Student Health.

Face Covering and Other Mitigation Efforts
All other campus COVID-19 mitigation efforts remain in effect, including rules about face covering, room occupancy and physical distancing. Students who have been vaccinated must continue to practice other mitigation efforts including wearing a face covering, hand washing and physical distancing.