Hunt Hall

Exterior of Hunt Hall

Since opening in 1928, Hunt Hall has been home to Bucknell’s sorority organizations. Hunt is located in the lower section of campus, a short walk from the Elaine Langone Center, the 7th Street Café and the Kenneth Langone Athletics & Recreation Center. Hunt contains mostly single units with a few double rooms. Several event and meeting spaces can also be found on the first floor.

Residence Details

  • Single rooms are approximately 9 feet by 16 feet. Doubles are approximately 11 feet by 16 feet. Triples are 18 feet by 16 feet.
  • Closets are approximately 4.5 feet by 6.5 feet.
  • Each room contains a a bed, desk, chair and dresser for each resident.
  • Dimensions of first-, second- and third-floor windows are 39.5 inches by 70 inches. Fourth-floor window dimensions are 32.5 inches by 53 inches.
  • Window screens are not provided by the University.
  • Rooms are not air conditioned.


  • Lounge with TV and Roku.
  • Outdoor bike racks.


Hunt Hall single bedroom
Hunt Hall single bedroom
Hunt Hall entrance
Front of Hunt Hall