Professor Comas pursues questions about how social networks in and around organizations affect learning, innovation, change, and power. He is also interested in studying organizations in many contexts including terrorism, social entrepreneurs, political organizations, and community organizations.

He teaches classes on social networks, organizational theory, organizational change, as well as CLA classes like "Six Degrees of Separation" and "The Rise of the Network Society." He has published about service learning and experiential education as well.

He received an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Virginia (1999) and a Ph.D. from IESE/Universidad de Navarra in Barcelona, Spain in 2008. Professor Comas' personal interests include soccer, ultimate frisbee, outdoor activities, speaking Spanish to his children, politics, cooking, and discussing the finer points of Barcelona sight-seeing.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., IESE/Universidad de Navarra
  • M.A., University of Virginia
  • B.A., Carleton College

Teaching Interests

  • Theory and measurement of social networks
  • Organizational theory
  • Topics in the network society

Selected Publications


"The Short History, Tumultuous Present, and Uncertain Future of Virtual Worlds," chapter for Changing the Rules o{the Game: Economic and Management Issues in the Computer Games Industry. Edited by Sabine Hotho. Palgrave Publishers. Forthcoming.

"Small World Networks," Encyclopedia of Social Networks. Edited by George Barnett. Sage Reference.  2011.

"The Evolution of a Community of Practice: Stakeholders and Service in Management 101," with Tammy Hiller and John Miller.  Service-Learning  in Higher Education.  Edited by Dan Butin. Palgrave Press.  2005. (Book Chapter)


"Developing virtual worlds: The interplay of design, communities and rationality," First Monday.  15 (5).  May 2010.


"Relational vs. Institutional Social Capital: Explaining the Intensity of Conflict in Two Small Towns," with Carl Milofsky.  [American Journal of Sociology]

"Relationalism  as Metatheory for Network Research."

"Once Upon a Social Web: Social Media and the Firm as a Problem of Learning Behavior between 'Two Worlds'," with F. Ted Tschang and Patrik Wikstrom [New Media and Society]

"Brokerage and/or Closure: Testing the Positive Effects of Competing Views of Social Capital." [Group and Organization Management]

"The Middle of the Middle: Empirical Evidence of the Effects of Networks on Intra­Organizational Learning."  [Management Learning]

"Multiple Logics of Virtual Worlds." [Organization Science]

"Innovationsocial: Dynamic Networks and the Social Life of lnnovation." [Academy of Management Journal]

"Juggling Exploration and Exploitation with Networks." [Organizational Dynamics]

"Opening Two Black Boxes: Linking Networks and Organizational Learning." [International Journal of Management Reviews]

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''Paradoxes  of Managing Multiple Logics in Bosnia," with Eric C. Martin. ARNOVA, 2012

"The Promise and Pitfalls of Design for Social Innovation in Virtual Worlds: The CoLab Case Study," EGOS Conference, Helsinki 2012.

''Multiple·Logics of Virtual Worlds,'' EGOS special paper workshop, Helsinki; 2012.

''Code Rules: Conflicting Logics of Playing, Profiting, and Sharing in the Field of Virtual Worlds,"  European Group on Organizational Studies, July, 2010.

"If We Are Having Fun, Can it be All Bad?  Play, Identity, and Community in Virtual Worlds." Paper part of Symposium, "Life for Sale: Commodification and its Consequences," Symposium at Academy of Management Annual Meeting. August, 2009.

"Navigating the Network Tension Between Cohesion and Brokering for Social Entrepreneurs," Paper Presented at European Group on Organization Studies Annual Colloquium, Barcelona, Spain, July 2009.

"Once Upon a Social Web: Social Media and the Firm as a Problem of Learning Behavior between 'Two Worlds'," with Patrik Wikstrom and F. Ted Tschang. Paper Presented to DRUID [Danish Research Unit for Industry Dynamics], Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2009.

"A New Approach to Network Theory? Integrating Relationalism as Metatheory with a Sociology of Relational Structures." Paper Presented to the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, March 2009.

"Code Rules: Virtual World Adaptation in Co-evolutionary Environment." Poster presented at Organization Science Winter Conference XV, February 2009.

"Brokerage and/or Closure."  Visual Paper for Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2007.

"Coors and the Dualistic Strategy of Social and Political Engagement." Symposium, "Business as a System of Power." Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2007.

"Innovationsocial: Dynamic Networks and the Social Life oflnnovation." Poster/Paper for Organization Science Winter Conference XIII, February 2007.

"The Middle of the Middle: Network Effects on Intraorganizational  Learning." Poster for Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2006.

"Norms Versus Innovation: Controversies Emerging from Social Capital and Social Networks." Paper and Poster for Organization Science Winter Conference XI, February 2005.

"Learning Cliques: Balancing Exploitation and Exploration as a Network Problem."  Paper for Sunbelt XXV: International Social Network Conference, February 2005.

"Enemy at the Gates: Entropy Reduction Through Agency and Adaptation." Paper accepted by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Fall 2001.

"Connecting Knowledge Management and Experiential Learning to Gain New Insights and Research Perspectives," Paper Presented at European Conference on Information Systems, 2001 (Co-authored with Professor Sandra Sieber).

"From Hierarchy to Pluralism in American High Schools: Changing Patterns in Status Distinctions and Racial Segregation." Paper presented at American Sociological Association annual conference, 1998 (Co-Authored with Professor Murray Milner).


"How Could Virtual Worlds Evolve?  Implications from a Theory of Society at Play,"  with F. Ted Tschang.  Academy of Management OCIS International Authors Workshop.  August 2008.


"Building Social Capital" Workshop for early childhood educators.  April, 2012.

"Blogging For Management Scholars: Why and how to read blogs, write for blogs, and create your own blog" Presenter in Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2009

"E-Media in the Classroom."  Presenter in Professional Development Workshop.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2007.

"Business Strategy Solutions to Poverty."  Presenter in Professional Development Workshop. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2007.

"Which Means are Justified?: Humanistic Change with a Dash of Machiavelli" Workshop based on original research, Coalition for Essential Schools Fall Conference, November, 2002.


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