Portrait of India Carpenter '20

India Carpenter ’20, Animal Behavior and Creative Writing

April 1, 2018


I’m passionate about animal behavior and creative writing, and at Bucknell both departments are excellent.

"I applied early decision because Bucknell has everything I want without my having to make any sacrifices, and that's been true to my experience here as a student. I'm a double major in animal behavior and creative writing — I'm passionate about both subjects, and at Bucknell both departments are excellent.

"I took Creative Writing 101 with Professor Chinelo Okparanta and immediately knew I needed to take another class with her. She's very passionate and dedicated to her work, and she wants everyone to take it seriously. She's an author herself, which intimidated me when I first met her, because her books have won a lot of awards. But she's very encouraging, passionate and driven, and she's always there to help students. Last semester, I had an opportunity to conference with a visiting author, Sarah Manyika. Professor Okparanta asked if I would be interested in meeting with Manyika. Of course I said yes. I gave her one of my stories in advance and then we workshopped it. It was really nice to have a one-on-one like that and get a different published author's point of view.

"I'm a very outdoorsy person. I participated in BuckWild as an incoming student and got involved with Outdoor Education & Leadership. Now I'm a lead facilitator with CLIMBucknell and a trip leader for the Outing Club. Being a leader has really helped me be more confident. I've also ridden horses since I was 5, so it was important to me to attend a college with an equestrian club. Like I said, Bucknell truly had everything I wanted.

"I met most of my friends in the Environmental Residential College. I can't imagine coming to Bucknell and not living in a residential college as a first-year. You take classes and participate in regular activities with people in your hall and get to know people with similar interests. Now I'm a Junior Fellow with the college, which means I live in the hall again, but this time I'm the one responsible for planning those activities. Every other week, we take our residents hiking or kayaking or something else involving nature and the environment. We're also planning a spring trip and Earth Week events. I love my residents. And I love that I've been able to fit all of this into my life at Bucknell."

India is from Darien, Conn., and Teton Village, Wyo.