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To ensure that you select appropriate required courses, we have developed program models as a guide.

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Bucknell University's course catalog provides descriptions of courses, majors and minors offered by academic departments and programs, and other information on topics such as academic regulations, facilities, financial aid and scholarships.

While the catalog provides information that will be useful for all four years at Bucknell, be sure to refer to the specific first-semester courses when considering your registration choices.

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Considering a major in biology, chemistry or cell biology/biochemistry, or planning to complete pre-med course work?

Plan to take chemistry in your first semester. Please take the chemistry placement survey to determine which chemistry course you should take. Complete the survey by noon on Wednesday, June 10.

Taking MATH 201: Calculus I?

Complete the ALEKS Prep. for Calculus online course by Sept. 1.

If you received AP credit, IB credit or transfer credit for MATH 201, or if you do not intend to take a calculus course at Bucknell, ALEKS is not required.

About the Foreign Language Requirement

The foreign language requirement ensures that you will either improve your proficiency in a previously studied language or begin the study of a language entirely new to you.

Placement tests are required for these languages, even if you have taken AP:  

Planning a Career in Teaching?

Early childhood education (PreK-4): Complete the registration for the B.S. in education.

Secondary level: Plan to major in your teaching interest. Do not pursue a B.S. in education degree. 

Learn more about teaching certification

Environmental Studies and Environmental Science

The environmental studies program offers two majors — a B.A. in environmental studies and a B.A. in environmental science. What's different between the two?

If you are interested in majoring in environmental science, register for the courses recommended for a B.A. in one of the affiliated science departments.

For Pre-medical or Pre-health Students

Visit the pre-health advising page to consider your options for first-semester courses. Please indicate your tentative major on the degree-information page of the online registration form. You should also check the box next to "Do you plan to attend medical or dental school after Bucknell?"