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Set up your Bucknell password and enroll in DUO

Recently you should have received instructions on how to set up your Bucknell account. See the email you received in your personal email account from for the steps to follow to claim your account.

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DUO, Bucknell's multi-factor authentication service, secures your account. Follow these instructions to self enroll in DUO. You MUST complete this step to be able to login to your account. If you have questions or problems, please contact the Bucknell University Tech Desk for assistance at or 570-577-7777.

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By June 15, 2020: Upload your ID photo

Please provide a recent photo for your Bucknell ID Card. Your photo must meet a set of specifications.

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By June 15, 2020: Deadline to select your courses



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By June 15, 2020: Complete the Academic Year 2020-21 application in myHOME

To help you make the most of your Bucknell experience, we attempt to honor your preferences when we assign your room and roommate or roommates. You can tell us about those preferences, along with your living style and habits, on the Residence Hall Assignment Questionnaire. Please understand that many variables affect roommate and room assignments, making us unable to meet every preference.

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By July 16, 2020: Provide your emergency contact details

The University needs your cell phone number and emergency contact information. Please provide your emergency contact details by Aug. 10.

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By July 27, 2020: Students may begin sending packages to campus

Students may begin sending packages to campus on July 27. Your mailing address can be found in your myBucknell profile. Larger objects, such as furniture, will not be permitted in student rooms; if you ship these items to campus, we will require you to ship them back home.

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By August 1, 2020: Sign the Statement of Community Responsibility

Bucknell is committed to fostering social responsibility and nurturing an atmosphere of civility and integrity in all areas. Upon voluntary entry to Bucknell, students promise to observe the ideals important to our University contained in the Statement of Community Responsibility. All students must read, retype and electronically sign this statement by Aug. 1.

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By August 7, 2020: Enroll in or waive student health insurance

All full-time students must enroll in or waive the health insurance coverage offered through the University by 7/31/20. This requirement is in addition to the medical form required by Student Health. Failure to complete this requirement by 7/31/20 may result in a hold being placed on your student account and may delay your fall semester enrollment. (International students are required to take the university-sponsored International Student Health Insurance and will be charged early in the semester.

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By August 10, 2020: Watch for your fall semester bill

The issue date for the fall semester B-bill has not yet been finalized. We appreciate your patience and ask that you please continue monitoring the website as well as your myBucknell portal for updates regarding tuition and fees. We hope to provide additional information in a timely manner.

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By August 12, 2020: Complete the Bucknell University Success Survey

To ensure your successful start, please take the Bucknell University Success Survey. It is required that you answer these questions honestly so that we can prepare the resources that would be most effective in helping you. You must complete the Success Survey by Wednesday, August 12.

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By August 17, 2020: Complete alcohol education course and exam

Bucknell is committed to educating students about making healthy and safe choices regarding their use of alcohol. As part of this commitment, you are asked to participate in an online educational program called 3rd Millennium. This program will provide you with valuable information and resources regarding responsible alcohol consumption. Following the course, you will need to complete an exam about the information you learned. You must complete Part I of the course with a passing score of 75 percent. Due by August 17th.

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By August 17, 2020: Did you play an instrument or sing in high school?

Complete our brief music survey for a chance to win a Bucknell t-shirt! Please be sure to use your Bucknell email when responding to this survey.

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By August 24, 2020: Complete the Kognito Suicide Prevention Training for Students

Distress related to mental health concerns, suicidal thoughts, attempts to die by suicide, and completed suicides are an unfortunate but very real experience for students at Bucknell. We believe that suicide is preventable and that the first steps to preventing deaths is creating a community that is a) aware of signs that a person may be considering suicide, and b) able to take the next steps to help a person at risk. You'll also learn about the importance of self-care, especially when supporting others. The more Bucknellians who have this training, the greater the chance that a student at risk will get the help they need when they most need it. You must complete the training module by August 24.

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By August 28, 2020: Complete your Academic Responsibility Orientation

All incoming students must read the Academic Responsibility policies and procedures and then participate in an interactive orientation by Aug. 28.

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