First-year Meal Plan

At Bucknell, every student who lives on campus is required to purchase a meal plan each semester.

First-year students are required to enroll in meal plan Option 1: 19 meals/week and $200 in Dining Dollars. This plan grants students access to all 19 meals on campus each week, ensuring that they have access to quality, nutritious food. The cost for this meal plan is $2,750 per semester.

First-year students will be automatically assigned this plan.

More information about meal plans

Dining Dollars and Campus Dollars

The Option 1 meal plan includes $200 in Dining Dollars. You can add more Dining Dollars or Campus Dollars to your account at any time online.

Purchase Dining Dollars or Campus Dollars

Dining Dollars accounts may be used for dining purchases at à la carte and retail venues on campus in the same manner as a debit card. Dining Dollars carry over from semester to semester and year to year, but they become invalid upon graduation or separation from the University. Dining Dollars are not refundable or transferable.

Campus Dollars can also be used in any dining venue on campus. Campus Dollars may also be used for dining purchases as well as purchases at select merchants in the Lewisburg area and for other purchases on campus, including: 

  • Laundry facilities
  • Many beverage machines
  • Copiers
  • The Bucknell Golf Club

Campus Dollars carry over between semesters and years. They are not transferable but are refunded upon graduation or if a student separates from the University.

More information about Dining Dollars and Campus Dollars

Meals During the Move-in Period

During the five-day move-in period, Aug. 12–16, meals will be provided free of charge to students. Meal plans begin with dinner on Sunday, Aug. 16. 


If you have questions about meal plans, please contact Dining Services at 570-577-1240 or