Start Here: Selecting Your First-semester Courses

Registration Deadline: June 15

To get started, choose the college to which you were accepted. If you are unsure which link to use, please refer to your Bucknell University decision letter.

I was accepted to the

Important Points to Remember

  • Required courses have already been entered for Bachelor of Science and engineering students.
  • Refer to the Model First-semester Programs.
  • Choose course numbers only; you do not need the section numbers (e.g. choose POLS 140 from the drop-down menu. You do not need to select a specific section, such as POLS 140 06).
  • We may adjust your schedule based on your Advanced Placement scores.
  • If you select MATH 201: Calculus as one of your natural science & mathematics courses, you will be asked if you have taken high school calculus. Do not count precalculus as calculus.