To-Do List

Set up your Bucknell password and enroll in DUO

Recently you should have received instructions on how to set up your Bucknell account. See the email you received in your personal email account from for the steps to follow to claim your account.

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DUO, Bucknell's multi-factor authentication service, secures your account. Follow these instructions to self enroll in DUO. You MUST complete this step to be able to login to your account. If you have questions or problems, please contact the Bucknell University Tech Desk for assistance at or 570-577-7777.

Set up Bmail & Calendar

You have been assigned a Bucknell email/calendar (Bmail) account. The account uses Google Apps. Follow these instructions to setup your Bmail and Calendar. If you have questions or problems, please contact the Bucknell University Tech Desk for assistance at or 570.577.7777.

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Login to myBucknell to check off items on your to-do list

By June 10, 2021: Complete housing accommodation request, if needed

Students who wish to request housing accommodations for a documented disability must do so by June 10.

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By June 15, 2021: Complete your housing profile and questionnaire

The housing profile and questionnaire are now available. Please watch this instructional video to learn how to complete your housing profile in your myHOME portal (myBucknell login is required to access myHOME). Room assignments and roommate information will be available mid-July.

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By June 15, 2021: Sign up for a Residential College

The "Res Colleges" are themed living-learning communities for first-year students — you sign up when you register for fall classes. Learn more about this great way to jump-start your Bucknell experience.

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By June 15, 2021: Submit your Medical Record Form

Important: You must download the medical form, complete it and mail it back to Student Health. The form must be completed in its entirety and signed by a medical provider before sending it in. We recommend scheduling a physical as soon as possible. Without a complete medical record on file, students arriving to campus will be unable to receive their room key until all medical requirements are satisfied.

Medical Record Form

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By June 15, 2021: Plan to participate in summer academic counseling

Plan your summer academic counseling in preparation for completing fall course registration. Each college has its own counseling program — start at your myBucknell dashboard.

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By June 15, 2021: Complete fall course registration

Registration for fall classes is due by June 15. Prepare by learning about your college's summer advising process.

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How to select your classes

By June 30, 2021: Upload your ID photo

Please provide a recent photo for your Bucknell ID Card. Your photo must meet a set of specifications.

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By June 30, 2021: Select a "friendly" email address

You can select a friendly email address until July 1.

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By July 7, 2021: Set up your authorized users in B-bill

Your Fall 2021 semester bill will be available in B-bill on or around July 14, and payments are due on or before Aug. 13. Students can grant access to multiple authorized users to view, print, or pay your B-bill. Federal privacy regulations prohibit Bucknell from releasing financial information without student consent.

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By July 30, 2021: View your room assignment

Room assignments and roommate information for Fall 2021 will be available on myHOME in mid-July. You'll receive a confirmation email when this information is available.

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By July 31, 2021: Complete updates to your name, pronoun and/or gender identity

We recognize that you may wish to use a name, pronoun and/or gender identity other than those affiliated with your legal name or sex assigned at birth. As part of our efforts to foster an environment of inclusiveness and to support students' self-identification, we encourage you to review and update, this information. To update your information, go to myBucknell and click the Profile icon in the top left corner.

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By August 1, 2021: Submit your COVID-19 vaccine documentation

Send documentation of your completed COVID-19 vaccine series to if you have not already done so.

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By August 6, 2021: Complete the Kognito Suicide Prevention Training for Students

Distress related to mental health concerns, suicidal thoughts, attempts to die by suicide and completed suicides are an unfortunate but very real experience for students at Bucknell. We believe that suicide is preventable and that the first step to preventing deaths is creating a community that is aware of signs that a person may be considering suicide, and able to take the next steps to help a person at risk. You'll also learn about the importance of self-care, especially when supporting others. The more Bucknellians who have this training, the greater the chance that a student at risk will get the help they need when they most need it. You must complete the training module by Aug. 6.

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By August 13, 2021: Enroll in or waive student health insurance

All full-time students must enroll in or waive the health insurance coverage offered through the University by Aug. 13. This requirement is in addition to the medical form required by Student Health. Failure to complete this requirement by Aug. 13 may result in a hold being placed on your student account and may delay your fall semester enrollment.

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By August 13, 2021: Pay your fall semester bill

Your Fall 2021 semester bill will be available in B-bill on or around July 14, and payments are due on or before Aug. 13.

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By August 15, 2021: Complete alcohol education course and exam

Bucknell is committed to educating students about making healthy and safe choices regarding their use of alcohol. As part of this commitment, you are asked to participate in an online educational program called 3rd Millennium. This program will provide you with valuable information and resources regarding responsible alcohol consumption. Following the course, you will need to complete an exam about the information you learned. You must complete Part I of the course with a passing score of 75 percent by Aug. 15.

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By August 17, 2021: Complete the Bucknell University Success Survey

To help us get to know you and ensure your successful start, please take the Bucknell University Success Survey. It is important to answer these questions honestly so that we can prepare the resources that would be most effective in serving you and helping you make the most of your Bucknell experience. You must complete the Success Survey by Tuesday, Aug. 17.

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By August 23, 2021: Find Your Campus Mailing Address

Your campus mailing address will be available in your myBucknell profile on Aug. 2. This is the date you may begin sending packages to campus.

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By August 28, 2021: Download the Bucknell app

The Bucknell app connects you with University information and resources ¿ be sure to install it before you arrive on campus so that New Student Orientation updates are at your fingertips.

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