Start Here: Selecting Your First-semester Courses

Registration Deadline: June 15

To get started, choose the college to which you were accepted. If you are unsure which link to use, please refer to your Bucknell University decision letter.

I was accepted to the

Getting Ready for Course Selection

  • Review the Residential Colleges website. If you are interested in the program, you must select your preferred Foundation Seminars for the Residential College in which you are interested.
  • Review the Model First-semester Programs.

  • See General University Requirements for more information on Bucknell's general course requirements.

General Instructions

  • Each course description lists the requirements that the course fulfills (for example, the writing requirement, or W1, which all first-year students must fulfill).
  • Required courses have already been entered for bachelor of science, management and engineering students.
  • Choose course numbers only; you do not need the section numbers (For example: choose POLS 140 from the drop-down menu rather than a specific section, such as POLS 140 06).
  • The normal course load is four-course credits — one per course. If a course is not worth a full credit, its credit value is listed on the first-year course information page.
  • If calculus is one of your required courses or one of your choices in the natural sciences & mathematics division, mark the box regarding your high school math course. Do not count pre-calculus as calculus. If you receive AP credit for calculus, the Registrar's Office will adjust your course according to your score. If you receive AP credit for MATH 201 and further mathematics courses are not required for your major, indicate whether you wish to continue your study of calculus.

More Important Points to Know

  • Course selection is not a first-come, first-served process. Please take the time to thoroughly review all materials and complete the advising process for your college before you register for your classes. The Registrar's Office will begin all course entry after June 15.
  • We may adjust your schedule based on your Advanced Placement scores.

What You'll See When Registering

There are several sections in online course registration. Here's what you'll see and what you'll need to do.