September 23, 2016, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

Professor Neil Boyd, management
Professor Neil Boyd, management. Photo by Brett Simpson, Division of Communications

One studies the cultural role of storytelling among women in Nepal. Another explores ethics at the intersection of engineering, technology and society. A third examines how a sense of community affects employee engagement.  

They are among 13 Bucknell faculty members who recently reached the highest rank of achievement in academia: full professor. They received the promotion following intensive review by academic colleagues and approval by the University Board of Trustees last April.

"Promotion to full professor is not easily earned — it demonstrates that the faculty member has established a record of excellence in teaching, scholarship and service well beyond earning tenure," said Provost Barbara Altmann. "Our full professors are our 'wise heads' — mentors to students and junior faculty, and key participants in shared governance. A rich cohort of full professors means that a university is a rich learning environment for its students, who learn from acknowledged leaders in their fields."

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