April 29, 2013


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LEWISBURG, Pa. — It all started with a challenge by a group of Bucknell alumni: Raise $100,000 for the Annual Fund on April 25, and we will match it with funding for scholarships and financial aid. To sweeten the offer, another alumnus offered a $40,000 gift if 200 donors participated in the challenge, dubbed "$100K in a Day."

Bucknellians had 24 hours to meet the goal — and they did it in half the time, reaching both marks by noon. Had the clock struck midnight at that moment, the University's first-ever one-day giving challenge would've been considered an overwhelming success. But Bucknell supporters were nowhere near finished.

The momentum spurred a new challenge from another group of donors, including President John Bravman and Professor Wendelin Wright, a parent and two more alumni. The group promised to give $75,000 if a total of 500 donors made gifts by midnight.

Then, late in the afternoon, two trustees and another alum upped the ante yet again: If a total of 750 donors made a gift by the end of the day, they'd pledge an additional $75,000.

That goal was met by mid-evening, but Bucknell's student callers kept the momentum going. Working the phones to reach Bucknellians on the West Coast, the enthusiastic students were determined to reach 1,000 gifts and pledges — and they succeeded.

When all was said and done, 1,168 donors made gifts and pledges totaling $604,319. Add in the matching donations, and donors raised many times the initial goal, reaching a total of more than $890,000.

"We are overwhelmed by the response to the one-day giving challenge, which truly speaks to Bucknellians' confidence in the institution," said Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Scott Rosevear. "The University is extremely grateful for their generous support, as well as the leadership of those who issued the gift challenges that led to this success. All of our students will benefit from this Annual Fund support, and we are thankful."

Who rises to a challenge? We do.