August 11, 2014, BY Kathryn Kopchik

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The Bucknell Institute for Lifelong Learning will begin its fall term 2014 session on Sept. 22, and run through Oct. 31. Registration begins Aug. 11.

A selection of 22 courses with topics in art and literature, health, history and politics will be led by a combination of retired faculty from various institutions and members of the Institute.

History courses include: "The Overland Campaign of 1864: The Beginning of the End of the Confederacy" with Linda Estupinan Snook; "The Fossil Precursors of Modern Humans" with Tom Greaves; "The Historical Background of Income Inequality in the United States: A Second Conversation" with Joe Detelj and Charles Sackrey; and "Legendary Ladies of Pennsylvania" with Barbara Hart Yorks.

Art and culture courses include: "Treasures of Art, Great and Small" with James Turnure; "From Impressionism to Installation Art" with Wolfgang Gunter; and "Art of the Dutch Golden Age" with Marianna Archambault assisted by Joannah Purnell Skucek.

Courses exploring literature include: "Memoirs of the Soul: A Writing Workshop" with Dorothy Baumwoll; "Six Plays That Helped Shape 20th-century Drama" with Dennis Baumwoll; and "Shakespeare's Epic of English History: From King John to Henry VIII" with Michael Payne.

Other courses include "The Secret Life of Plants" with Russ Wells; "Classic Papers in Psychology" with Doug Candland; "Visions of a Just World" with Tom Travis; "Thinking About Law" with Matt Silberman; "That's Psychology? Topics and Principles That May Surprise You: Part 5" with Howard Berthold; "Knotty Topics in Genetics II" with Anna Reeves; "Morality Without God" with David Fletcher and Pauline Fletcher; "Life Planning 101" with Farida Zaid; "Behavioral Foundations of Human Sexuality" with William R. Stayton; "Jewish Ethics" with Moshe Ulmer; and "Social History of American Women in Popular Culture: The Virtuous Woman and the Slut" with Mary Zimmerman.

The Bucknell Institute for Lifelong Learning (BILL) provides adult learners in the Central Susquehanna Valley a broad range of educational and intellectual opportunities. Since its inauguration during the fall of 2009, the program has presented 184 courses and has included more than 580 members from 29 regional communities.

Membership fees are $50 for one year or $30 for a half-year. Individual course fees are $40 for a six-week course, and $30 for a three-week course. Participants must first sign up as members, before registering for up to two courses per term. Registration is open as of Aug. 11.

Class locations include the East Buffalo Township building, Public Library for Union County, the Spring Run Professional Park, SUN Chapter American Red Cross, RiverWoods Senior Living Community, and Union-Snyder Area Agency on Aging.

Copies of the Fall 2014 catalog are available at local public libraries or by mail on request. To download the catalog, visit For more information about the BILL program, call 570-522-0105 or email