April 08, 2015, BY Kathryn Kopchik

The Offbeats, a co-ed a cappella group at Bucknell University, will perform in concert Sunday, April 19, at 2 p.m. in Bucknell Hall.

The program includes a wide variety of songs by artists like Michael Jackson, Counting Crows, Florence and the Machine, Vanessa Carlton and Darius Rucker, all of which are arranged by current or past members of the group.

Founded in 2011, the group comprises 15 members with different majors. The concert marks the final performance by senior members Sarah Pelosi and Dan Willard.

Admission to the concert is $7 per person, available at the door or online through the box office under Miscellaneous Events.

Proceeds from the concert will support the production of the Offbeats' first album.