April 21, 2015, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

WE DO Event Showcases the College of Engineering
WE DO Event Showcases the College of Engineering

Who educates engineers like no other liberal arts university? We do.

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia provided the perfect setting for a celebration of engineering at Bucknell on April 16, when more than 200 alumni, parents and friends of the University gathered at the science center.

Guests met with faculty and students, enjoyed interactive academic experiences, and learned about the College of Engineering's role in WE DO, The Campaign for Bucknell University.

"Our engineering alumni are outstanding supporters of both the college and the University," said President John Bravman. "They value their education, they network extensively with our students, and they care deeply about ensuring the continued quality of the engineering program."

The program also featured "snap talks" by Professor Joe Tranquillo, biomedical and electrical engineering, Professor Erin Jablonski, chemical engineering and Janet Tesfai '11.

"Alumni saw that Bucknell engineering has changed in strong and positive ways over the last few years," said Keith Buffinton, dean of the college. "We're on the leading edge in teaching and research, yet we're continuing the close personal interaction that distinguishes us. The College of Engineering is more attractive than ever to prospective students and faculty."

Latonya Gilliam '02 agreed. "I chose to go to Bucknell because of the engineering program, and coming back here reinforced it. I want to send my children to Bucknell so they can be engineers one day," she said. "It's great to see all of my old professors and talk to some of the new students. It's been wonderful."  

The event highlighted ways the campaign advances the engineering program. Launched publicly in October 2012, the WE DO Campaign for Bucknell University aims to strengthen six academic and residential learning initiatives designed to transform Bucknell's education experience.

The campaign will also increase funding for scholarships and financial aid, help recruit and retain outstanding faculty, and enable the University to invest in new facilities. As of April 20, 2015, the WE DO Campaign had raised more than $342 million toward its half-a-billion dollar goal.

"It was great to see the president and hear him talk about how great Bucknell is now, and how great he wants it to be in the future. It was really inspiring, and I hope to one day be able to give back to Bucknell," said Oscar Beteta '11.

The WE DO Tour resumes this fall with a Sept. 19 stop in Baltimore, with online registration opening in August.