February 06, 2015, BY Heather Johns

Forty-five percent of Bucknell students take part in off-campus experiences in University-approved programs around the world, plus our own Bucknell-in semester and summer programs. Six of them will share their experiences abroad throughout the spring semester via Instagram. Follow their journeys as they live and learn in Jordan, Germany, Italy, England, France and Washington, D.C., one of three new Bucknell-in program offerings from the the Office of International Education.

Morgan Klein '17, international relations
Washington D.C.

"The idea of chronicling my time in Washington through a sort of photo diary is really exciting to me. I'm especially looking forward to looking back on my trip after the semester is over. I love that my family and friends are going to be able to share my experiences with me through Instagram. I chose D.C. because it is the hub of international relations in the United States. The Bucknell in D.C. program courses will focus on sustainability, development and environmental policy. This track is perfect for me because I'm an international relations major with a concentration in sustainable development and am also pursuing a policy minor; it is almost like this program was made for me!"


Christian Limawan '16, Italian studies, interdisciplinary studies in math and economics
Padua, Italy

"I believe photographs can inspire people. I hope sharing photos of the places I see and moments throughout the coming semester will inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and start exploring other countries and cultures. As a student from Indonesia, speaking Italian and English in addition to my mother tongue is unique. I hope that by studying abroad in Italy I will be able to explore opportunities that utilize my language skills as I pursue my career after graduating from Bucknell. On a side note, I also love cooking, so I hope I will be able to learn about Italian cuisine during my semester abroad in Italy!"


Sophia Reeder '16, biology major with minors in French and chemistry
Tours, France

"I think images are one of the best ways to share experiences. An image can often pass along the emotion of an experience better than words, and I am excited to share my time in France with loved ones back home through Instagram. I chose to study abroad in France because it is completely different from anything I have ever experienced. I took my first French class during my sophomore year at Bucknell, so choosing to study abroad in France — taking classes taught in French — is about as far outside my comfort zone as I can go. And I couldn't be more excited! In the long term, I'd like to work on vaccine development for viruses in the developing world, which is why I am studying biology at Bucknell. To work internationally, I want to be proficient in more than one language, which is where studying abroad in Tours comes in."


Aida Woldegiorgis '16, political science and education major, Arabic minor
Amman, Jordan

"I want others to see what the Middle East looks like from the perspective of an American teenager — how it is not just some war-stricken place, but a region that can offer a lot for young travelers to learn about. I plan on doing research focused around educational policy and immigration policy. I am curious about how the government of Jordan tends to children from migrant backgrounds."


Samuel Ingram '16, psychology
Bath, England

"I am most excited about being dropped into an entirely different experience with new people. I enjoy adapting to new situations — a great deal of learning and growth results from it. By sharing my experience via Instagram, I will be able to take my personal artistic view of another country and easily share it with others. I wanted to go to city that was new and exciting but not too overwhelming. Bath is a city with rich history, while still being very modern. I came to Bucknell with a passion for theater and acting, and luckily while abroad I will be able to dabble in classes that relate to theater. I will be taking a Shakespeare class, as well as a class focused on writing for the stage."


Kate DeWeese '16, international relations and psychology
Hamburg, Germany

"I'm excited about traveling throughout Europe and experiencing different cultures — and learning how they differ from experiences back home. I love that I'm sharing my abroad experience via Instagram because it gives me a connection with people back home and will hopefully help convince more people to study abroad. It also gives me a great way to look back on my abroad experience with a photo a day. I chose Germany because my family's heritage is German and I grew up listening to my mom use German phrases. I've been studying German for a while and have come to love the language. I can't wait to experience the country itself. With one of my majors being international relations, studying in another country will help me attain a more international perspective and open-mindedness."