December 09, 2014, BY Kathryn Kopchik

Mike Matukaitis launched Brighton Training Group with the assistance of the Bucknell SBDC. Brighton is a member of the Bucknell University Entrepreneurs Incubator (BUEI). Mike was named SBDC Small Business Person of the Year in 2014.

As the end of 2014 approaches, the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) announces a series of no cost on-demand webinars well-suited for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the New Year.

The First Step: Starting a Business webinar series is newly re-designed to walk aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of starting a new business venture. The on-demand instructional series can be viewed on all mobile devices. Six webinars, averaging 15 minutes long each, are a part of the series available at They include:

How Should I Structure My Business? This webinar will focus on the regulatory implications and business benefits associated with various types of business structures including a discussion on what factors to consider when choosing your specific business structure and tax designation. 

Where Can I Find Funding to Start My Business? Hear about types of business financing available to entrepreneurs, learn their respective benefits and sources, as well as the considerations lenders and borrowers need to contemplate before delving into a borrower/lender relationship.

How Do I Sell My Product or Service? Entrepreneurs will consider the underlying concerns of marketing their product. During this session participants will learn:

  • How to determine a target market and its size
  • Market trends and competitors to consider
  • How to determine price and advertising media
  • Website considerations depending on type of business
  • Some tips on how to conduct market research

Understanding Financial Statements Prospective business owners will learn the basic attributes of the financial statements required by funders, and discuss their role in depicting the financial picture of an organization.

How Do I Write a Business Plan? This session will cover the purpose of a business plan (its major components and their functions), provide an outline of the information most commonly sought after by investors, and provide resources where detailed information about writing a business plan can be found.

Costs to Consider when Starting a Business  Participants will learn about the potential regulatory and start-up costs of starting and maintaining a business. This includes costs such as federal, state, and local business licenses and permits, taxes, as well as other regulatory requirements and the costs associated with their maintenance.

Helping businesses start, grow, and prosper
The Bucknell SBDC provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to start and grow success businesses. Aspiring and existing business owners can request help from the SBDC at, by calling 570-577-1249, or by emailing

Bucknell's center serves entrepreneurs in Union, Northumberland, Juniata, Montour, Perry, and Snyder counties as a member of the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (PASBDC) network. The PASBDC is the only statewide, nationally accredited program that provides high quality one-on-one consulting, training and information resources to empower new and existing businesses.

The SBDC program is a public/private partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and 18 universities and colleges across the Commonwealth. 

Each year the Bucknell SBDC helps more than 30 entrepreneurs achieve their dream of starting their own business. In the past five years, businesses assisted by the Bucknell SBDC have grown their sales by almost $40 million and created more than 400 jobs.