July 02, 2015, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

Amanda Wooden
Professor Amanda Wooden, environmental studies

From cataloging the world's mammals for the Smithsonian to advancing maker technologies on campus, Bucknell professors recently named to endowed academic positions will pursue a wide array of scholarly projects.

Funded by external gifts and awarded for specific terms, endowed academic positions benefit the University in perpetuity. Professors who are chosen for this honor are among Bucknell's most accomplished scholars and most effective teachers.  

Presidential Professorships, created by grants from the Hewlett and Mellon foundations, were awarded to two professors, whose three-year terms begin this September:  

Professor DeeAnn Reeder, biology, is an organismal biologist who studies biodiversity, systematics, disease ecology and physiology, conservation and the integration of these fields. She maintains an active research program on biodiversity and disease in South Sudan and has recently been collaboratively studying the role of African bats in the transmission of zoonotic diseases such as Ebola.  

In her work as Presidential Professor, Reeder will build on her research and conservation efforts as well as collaborate with colleagues at the Smithsonian to complete a revised and expanded digital edition of Mammal Species of the World. Reeder is managing editor of the project, which is the world standard for mammalian taxonomy.    

Professor Constance Ziemian, mechanical engineering, studies the effects of process variation on the properties and behavior of materials. Her recent research includes new additive manufacturing (AM) methods, welding processes, and novel coating systems. Her work is applicable within the rapidly evolving manufacturing and materials industries.  

As Presidential Professor, Ziemian will expand on her recent research and test the hypothesis that impacting metallic glass particles can form fully amorphous coatings with exceptional properties.

Seven other faculty members have been appointed to endowed chairs and professorships beginning in September:  

Professor Logan Connors, French, has been appointed a National Endowment for the Humanities Chair in the Humanities. He brings a comparative studies approach to both his teaching and research, in which he focuses on early-modern French literature, the history of theater and the history of emotions. Next year, Connors will direct Bucknell en France.  

Professor Amanda Wooden, environmental studies, has been appointed the David and Patricia Ekedahl Professor in Environmental Studies. A political scientist, Wooden specializes in environmental discourses, protests and conflicts, as well as the theoretical relationship between nationalism and environmental attitudes and discourses. The professorship was established in 2010 by David '56 and Patricia Ekedahl.  

Professor Sheila Lintott, philosophy, has been appointed the John Howard Harris Chair in Philosophy. Lintott teaches and conducts research in the areas of aesthetics and feminist theory, focusing on philosophies of everyday experiences including friendship and laughter, along with environmentalism, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The chair was established in 1925 to honor the fourth president of Bucknell.  

Professor Mark Bettner, management, was reappointed to a third and final term as the Christian R. Lindback Chair in Business Administration. Bettner has contributed to critical accounting literature and textbooks and has a reputation in his field for his novel approaches to teaching and the understanding of accounting and financial management. The chair was established in 1960 by a gift from the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation.   

Professor Felipe Perrone, computer science, has been appointed the Robert L. Rooke Chair in the Historical and Social Context of Engineering. His main interests include computer networks simulation and distributed computing. As Rooke Chair, Perrone will create new courses, expand his personal scholarship and engage undergraduate researchers in the history of computing technologies and the analysis of their social impact. The chair was funded through the bequest of Robert L. Rooke, a member of the Class of 1913.  

Professor Margot Vigeant, chemical engineering, has been appointed the Robert L. Rooke Professor in Engineering. Vigeant has successfully developed programs and secured funding to study and improve engineering education. She will focus on "making" as a tool for engaging students across the liberal arts and engineering, and increasing awareness of and professional development opportunities for students and faculty in using new maker technologies. The chair was funded through the bequest of Robert L. Rooke, a member of the Class of 1913.  

Professor Heidi Lorimor, linguistics, has been appointed the Ruth Everett Sierzega Chair in Linguistics. As a professor in one of Bucknell's newest majors, Lorimor has built a research program that engages Bucknell undergraduates in language research. Her research interests include psycholinguistics, which is the study of the psychological processes behind speech production and comprehension. The chair was established by Edward Sierzega in memory of his wife, Ruth, a member of the Class of 1945.  

Endowed academic positions are among the top priorities of WE DO, The Campaign for Bucknell University. | Read more about support for endowed chairs and professorships