November 13, 2015, BY Heather Johns

What class? UNIV 200/WMST 234: Social Justice Dialogues

Who teaches it? Professors Nikki Young, Coralynn Davis and Erica Delsandro, women's and gender studies

"This course will equip students to understand and address social issues that arise on our campus and beyond. Instructors from different fields will transform the classroom space by inviting course participants to tune in, act up and speak out.

"On lecture days the instructors engage with students to flesh out key concepts, theories and knowledge. On activity days students take part in exercises and games to bring course concepts and knowledge to life, and on dialogue days students participate in exchange with one another, connecting course materials to their own identities and lived contexts.

"In this course students engage in a 'dialogic' format to increase understanding of social identities in the context of systems of power and inequalities. They explore the impact of systems of power at personal, interpersonal, community, cultural, institutional and societal levels; and they practice dialogue skills toward identifying actions to address social justice issues. 

"Students expand on in-class learning gained through assigned readings and classroom activities in three ways: the completion of weekly logs, an intergroup collaboration project and a final reflection paper.

"Students will be surprised to discover what their classmates really think; that their instructors are co-learners; that they, too, can be change-agents; that different social justice issues are interrelated; that emotion plays a role in building knowledge; and that their own lives serve as the course text.

"Our not-so-secret aim? To revolutionize the campus through this course."

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