June 17, 2016, BY Paula Cogan Myers

Class of 2016 graduates who shared their Bucknell experiences through Student Stories are ready to take what they've learned to the world of work and graduate school. They pursued degrees across the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Management and College of Engineering, making their mark on academic and community life on campus.

Among them, they pursued:

  • Undergraduate research in 10 different academic disciplines
  • More than 20 leadership roles on campus
  • Membership in more than 12 academic organizations and honor societies and more than 30 student-run organizations
  • Off-campus study and service opportunities in Australia, Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy and Nicaragua, as well as locally and around the U.S.
  • More than 15 internships
  • Division I athletics, including men's and women's basketball, lacrosse and soccer; and club sports, including ice hockey and soccer

In addition, they received academic and student leadership awards during their time on campus and 17 Commencement awards for their achievements and contributions in English, French, geography, geology, international understanding, leadership, mathematics, philosophy, service, theatre, and for potential in the fields of medicine and public and community affairs.

Learn more about these exceptional graduates and their contributions to life at Bucknell.

        Leo Fotsing Fomba, global management, will work in Douala, Cameroon with AFCIG Youth In Action, a youth-led social enterprise focused on the attainment of economic and sociocultural independence."I am truly grateful to have gained an extraordinary level of theoretical knowledge at Bucknell that relates to what I am passionate about, international development and management. As the next phase of my life unfolds, I am looking forward to gaining practical knowledge and experience in the field of development and management, particularly in developing nations, before going to graduate school." Photo by Brett Simpson, Division of Communications.

Ben Barrett, biology and sociology, will pursue a master of health science in the Department of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Ahmed Elnaiem, cell biology & biochemistry, will pursue a doctor of medicine degree at Harvard Medical School.

        Kevin Garcia, chemistry, will pursue a doctoral degree in chemistry at the University of Rochester."I am interested in discovering what kind of work I will do at the University of Rochester, and I am also excited about finding a community that I enjoy, as I did at Bucknell. It's like a fresh start where I can meet new people and learn new things." Photo by Brett Simpson, Division of Communications.

Ryan Frazier, accounting & financial management, will work at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City as an equity capital markets analyst.

Sydney Isaacs, civil engineering, will work at energy company AECOM in Pittsburgh, Pa., as a water/wastewater engineer.

        Elaine Lac, comparative humanities and environmental studies, will teach English at American Eagle Institute in Taiwan. "I am most excited in starting the next phase of my life to gain real independence and challenge myself with the unknown. Moving to another country wasn't originally in my plans but it's become a new opportunity to explore a new perspective." Photo by Brett Simpson, Division of Communications.

Jesse Klug, managing for sustainability, will work as the education support assistant for Friends of the Children, a nonprofit organization that works to improve educational outcomes and job opportunities for youth in Seattle, Wash. 

Jillian Korn, biology, will attend medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Shiri Levine, markets, innovation & design, will work for Urban Outfitters in planning and merchandising for the brand Anthropologie in the Philadelphia corporate office.

        Alex Rosen, English, history and Spanish, will work for the Department of Justice in the Criminal Division, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in Washington, D.C. "I'm excited to work in public service as an advocate for victims of crime. I am pursuing a law degree and hope that my continued education after Bucknell will allow me to make a tangible impact on the world. In my current role I am reminded everyday how much my work is helping others, and that is the most incredible feeling." Photo by Brett Simpson, Division of Communications.

Evan Miu, chemical engineering, will work for German chemical company BASF in the Engineering Professional Development Program.

Eric Monfort, environmental geology, will work at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services in New York City as an environmental geologist.

Noelle Watters, mathematics, will pursue a doctoral degree in industrial engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.