April 18, 2017, BY Paula Cogan Myers

Bucknell Alternative Delegation
Bucknell Alternative Delegation members from left to right: Tamara Hijazi '17, Anushikha Sharma '19, Jorden Sneed '17, Professor Deepak Iyer, Zoe Russell '17, Professor Mehmet Dosemeci, Erin Clark '18, Professor Darakhshan Mir, Professor Jennifer Thomson, Mona Mohammed '16 M'18. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Bucknell community members gathered in Arches Lounge in the Elaine Langone Center on April 3 to honor winners of this year's President's Diversity & Inclusion Awards and the Burma-Bucknell Award for international understanding. The event was established in 2016 to recognize students, faculty and staff who have contributed to achieving The Plan for Bucknell's "enhancing diversity" strategy, promoted diversity-related learning goals or implemented an aspect of Bucknell's Diversity Plan. Nominations came from across campus, and both nominees and recipients were recognized for their work.

Burma-Bucknell Award
Given each year since 1958, the Burma-Bucknell Award recognizes an organization or University community member who has made outstanding contributions to intercultural and international understanding.

Burma Bowl and Diversity & Inclusion Award
The Bucknell Alternative Delegation won the 2017 Burma Bowl and a Diversity & Inclusion Award for collaborative team. Photos by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

This year, the award was presented to the Bucknell Alternative Delegation (B.A.D.) in recognition of their work toward inclusivity as the University's student population continues to become more diverse.

"The delegation epitomizes the kind of engaged, active and passionate student of the liberal arts that we all wish to see, in spite of the students themselves being from a wide variety of arts, humanities, sciences, engineering and management majors," one of the nominations read. "They exemplify the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity that we all like student groups to encourage and build, thus allowing for diverse representation and the amplification of marginalized voices."

The Bucknell Alternative Delegation has worked to address many issues, including immigration and the lives of international students at Bucknell, by sharing student experiences and addressing the availability of resources to international and multicultural students.

President's Diversity & Inclusion Awards
These annual awards are designed to recognize those who make significant contributions to Bucknell's efforts to build and nurture an inclusive campus community that embraces and respects diversity in all its forms. Nominations are accepted for students, faculty, staff, offices or programs, student organizations and collaborative teams. Learn more about how President John Bravman honored the 2017 recipients below.

Chanda Singoyi '18 and President Bravman
Chanda Singoyi '18 and President Bravman. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Student Award Recipient: Chanda Singoyi '18
"Chanda has helped international students make the most of their education at Bucknell by constantly challenging them and helping them. He is a behind-the-scenes kind of figure, yet through his involvement with international student affairs he has positively impacted the lives of many international students."

President Bravman and Professor Leslie Patrick, history
President Bravman and Professor Leslie Patrick, history. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Faculty Award Recipient: Leslie Patrick, history
"Over the course of Leslie's 30 years of service, she has taught, advised and mentored thousands of students, and served as a tireless ally, advocate and friend to students, faculty and staff of color on this campus. Not only has Leslie been an excellent professor of African-American and colonial American history, but she embodies the principle liberal arts commitments to thoughtful inquiry, critical engagement and interdisciplinary study. She has done the difficult work of diversity and inclusion throughout her entire career."

President Bravman and Janice Butler, civic engagement
President Bravman and Janice Butler, civic engagement. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Staff Award Recipient: Janice Butler, civic engagement
"Janice has been a pioneer for diversity and social justice at Bucknell for several decades. When she first began in her role as Women's Resource Center director, she functioned as an ally to all kinds of people and spoke up about all kinds of justice. She is the white woman in the room who will speak out about racial insensitivity or institutional racism, rather than wait for a person of color to take that risk or carry that weight. She is the straight woman who will speak out about what queer people face on this campus."

Members of Common Ground
2016 Common Ground staff Tamara Hijazi '17 and Erin Clark '18, facilitators; Mike Duignan, adviser; Anushikha Sharma'19, director. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Office or Program Award Recipient: Common Ground
"Common Ground has reached so many over the years, but this past year has been their most successful. They worked together to revamp materials and to give voices to areas such as religion and spirituality, and the differently abled, and instituted a stronger focus on intersectionality."

Members of the Black Student Union
Black Student Union members Simone McLaren '19, chair of programming; Nneoma Ibezim '18, incoming president; and Jotham Stephenson '18, outgoing president. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Student Organization Award Recipient: Black Student Union
"The Black Student Union provides a variety of opportunities that allow those in the Bucknell community to connect to black history, arts and culture, including the Black History Museum at Seventh Street House during Black History Month, the Black Arts Festival and the Stomp Out Classic. In the fall, they hosted a variety of activities to connect with black faculty and Bucknell alumni. This group is doing an excellent job of making Bucknell a more welcoming place for black students, as well as providing opportunities for others to interact and to learn, all of which contributes to a more inclusive environment at Bucknell."

Collaborative Team Award Recipient: Bucknell Alternative Delegation
"The Bucknell Alternative Delegation was nominated for their efforts to 'raise awareness about issues tied to the need to have a more inclusive and welcoming University environment for a wide variety of marginalized students.' The nomination noted that 'what is most admirable about B.A.D. is that they have put into practice what faculty teach about oppression advocate-coalition building.' "

Find past winners here and learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Bucknell.