January 26, 2017, BY Paula Cogan Myers

What class? Humanities Residential College Foundation Seminar: Selfies, Etc.: Portraits in Photo  

Who teaches it? Professor Christiane Andersson, art & art history

"In this course, students improve their writing through learning about art, specifically by exploring portraiture in art and literature. Instead of formal exams, they participate in discussion, presentations and essay writing, which gets them immersed in the subject and forces them to understand the material on a deeper level.  

"The portrait is a type of visual artwork that exists in many cultures and during all historical periods after the Middle Ages, including our own. We consider how this form of creative expression has been used over many centuries to reflect psychological, social, historical, political, economic, allegorical, satirical, pop culture and other content. We use examples from the visual arts and also reference contemporary literary sources, such as biographies and autobiographies.  

"Learning throughout the semester is collaborative. Students practice both public speaking and active listening by giving presentations to learn about art from each other, and learning is supported by exhibitions in the Samek Art Museum and visits to Special Collections in Bertrand Library. Stereotypes and how they are expressed in works of art and literature constitute an important aspect of our consideration of contemporary portraits from our own cultural environment.  

"Finally, students take what they've learned to create their own self-portraits at the printmaking studio in the Art Barn on campus. Sometimes they are surprised that they are able to make art themselves, but this experience really brings together the knowledge they've gained and ideas we've explored."    

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