July 19, 2017, BY Matt Hughes

Joe Tranquillo
Professor Joe Tranquillo, biomedical and electrical engineering. Photo by Gordon Wenzel

Professor Joe Tranquillo, biomedical and electrical engineering, has won the Theo Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award from the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), one of the organization's highest accolades. The Pilkington Award is conferred by ASEE's biomedical engineering division and honors significant contributions to biomedical engineering education as evidenced by successful undergraduate- or graduate-level programs, curricula and publications.

At Bucknell, Tranquillo has developed several immersive experiences that extend learning beyond the classroom. He co-founded the KEEN Winter Interdisciplinary Design Experience, serves as the co-director of the Institute for Leadership in Technology & Management and in 2016 led a group of 33 engineering students on an educational excursion to Chile. He is also the co-founder of the Bucknell Innovation Group, an effort to connect students, faculty and staff from diverse disciplines to spur interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship.

Tranquillo received the award in June at ASEE's annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. At the same conference, Visiting Professor Elif Miskioglu, chemical engineering, won the best poster award in the chemical engineering category, and professsors Michael Prince and Margot Vigeant, chemical engineering, and  Katharyn Nottis, education, won the Corcoran award for best paper in Chemical Engineering Education Journal.

Professor Dan Cavanagh, biomedical and chemical engineering, was previously honored with the Pilkington Award in 2010.