March 31, 2017, BY Heather Johns

Production nights for Bucknell University's weekly student newspaper, The Bucknellian , are a hectic affair. Staff members work late into the night, side by side, making last-minute edits, consulting on layouts and punching up headlines. The frantic pace propels them toward their Friday publication deadline — the paper is published 12 times per semester online and in print, with a circulation of 4,500.

Before this year, production nights played out in tight quarters — specifically, the basement of Roberts Hall, which also housed Bucknell's student-run radio station, WVBU. Now, after a summer renovation, both media groups share space in Stuck House, a renovated two-story house located between Seventh Street Café and Smith Hall.

With a spacious porch, couch-filled lounge and stocked kitchen, Bucknell's student media has room to create — and collaborate. Here's a look at how they use their new space.

The Bucknellian celebrated its 120th anniversary last year. Students are responsible for all aspects of running the paper, including policy, editorial content, advertising and marketing, and also manage The Bucknellian's budget. In the paper's new upstairs workspace, white boards and posted pages line the walls. 

Editor-in-chief Morgan Gisholt Minard '17 and Opinions Layout Editor Carolyn Hickey '17 work on one of the layout computers in the student media space. Formerly lodged in the basement of Roberts Hall, The Bucknellian has moved to the renovated Stuck House, home of the new student media space that also houses the WVBU radio station. 

Comfy couches (and good company) make working through long production nights more bearable.

WVBU has ruled the Bucknell campus airwaves since 1933. DJ Odinmma Ofili '15, M'17 hosts his show in Stuck House's new WVBU on-air studio. "I think it's a cool space for sure," he said. "It has a casual vibe with more room for people to hang out and chill while playing or listening to music."

Ofili adjusts the levels on the sound board as he transitions to a new song.