May 26, 2017, BY Samantha Wallace

Bucknell faculty were honored at the University's annual Commencement.

Six Bucknell faculty received awards recognizing their scholarly accomplishments during the University's 167th Commencement on May 21.

Boger Award
Professor Peter Judge, psychology, received the William Pierce Boger Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Natural Sciences in recognition for his commitment to the teacher-scholar model, his impact on the animal behavior program and his mentorship of students in the field. His colleagues and students describe him as a faculty member with a strong commitment to the natural sciences, the scientific method and the importance of laboratory experience for all students.

Class of 1956 Lectureship Award
Kris Trego, associate professor of classics & ancient Mediterranean studies, received the Class of 1956 Lectureship Award, a recognition of inspirational teaching. Trego's students praise her lectures as the best part of her courses and say that she inspires them to take additional classes or declare a second major in classics.

Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
Associate Professor Martin Ligare, physics & astronomy, received the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Described by one of the award committee members as "Bucknell's elder statesman," Ligare has taught the breadth of the physics curriculum. He has contributed repeatedly to general education and curricular innovation, is responsible for much of the Undergraduate Research Program in the sciences, and has been heavily involved in the Community College Scholars program.

Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence
Associate Professor Emily Dryden, mathematics, received one of two Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence. Her dedication to student success is reflected in extensive interactions with students outside of class. Students see her as a faculty member who is invested in their success and willing to work with them not only on course content, but also on issues such as studying abroad and career choices.

Associate Professor G.C. Waldrep, English, received the second Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence. Colleagues describe him as a compassionate, dedicated and inspiring teacher who is intense in his critique of student writing, making copious comments on their drafts and inspiring students to do their  best work. Waldrep also is known for his work with the Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Poets and his service to the department and the University.

Writing Across the Curriculum
Heidi Lorimor, assistant professor of linguistics, received the Writing Across the Curriculum Award of Excellence, which honors a faculty member who demonstrates exemplary work in the teaching of writing. In addition to her commitment to the goals of the writing program — evidenced by her utilization of strategies for writing to learn, writing as a process, and the essentials of strong writing, including editing, revision and critique — Lorimor teaches Writing Program workshops for colleagues, and the Writing Center uses her work as model for writing assignments.

Diversity & Inclusion Award
Recognizing those who make significant contributions building and nurturing an inclusive campus community, the President's Diversity & Inclusion Awards are given to both students and faculty each year. This year, associate professor of history Leslie Patrick received the faculty award for her work as a mentor, ally and exemplary teacher throughout her 30 years at Bucknell.

Burma-Bucknell Bowl
In addition to the annual faculty awards, the recipient of the 2017 Burma-Bucknell Bowl was recognized during Commencement. The award is given to University community members who have made outstanding contributions to intercultural and international understanding throughout the academic year, with the recipient honored at a ceremony earlier in the spring.

This year, the award was presented to the Bucknell Alternative Delegation (B.A.D.) in recognition of their work toward inclusivity as the University's student population continues to become more diverse. The group has worked to address many issues, including immigration and the lives of international students at Bucknell, by sharing student experiences and addressing the availability of resources to international and multicultural students.