November 02, 2017, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

What class? Arts Entrepreneurship

Who teaches it? Kathryn Maguet, executive director, Weis Center for the Performing Arts

"Arts Entrepreneurship is the perfect fit for students who have the passion and energy required for a career in the rapidly evolving creative and artistic sector. This University course combines artistic sensibility with business acumen and prepares students for careers as artists and leaders of nonprofit arts organizations in music, theater, dance, visual arts and creative writing.

"In this class, students from a variety of disciplines develop the practical skills needed in arts management, such as marketing, fundraising and program management. We meet with arts professionals from a variety of backgrounds and look at real situations, current events and trends in the arts. One case study is a critical look at the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton — we follow its path from inception to production, and examine its unique marketing model for contemporary musical theatre. We also travel to experience the arts in nearby cities. On one recent field trip to Baltimore, students visited the art museum and attended the theatre and symphony. Afterward, they met with staff members to learn about the inner workings of these institutions.

"We start each class with an arts news report. Throughout the semester, each student reviews current arts-related articles from a variety of publications and shares two or three articles with the class. We also draw upon the expertise of visiting artists as well as Bucknell arts professionals — recent guest speakers included Rick Rinehart, director of the Samek Art Museum, and Rebecca Meyers, the University's academic film programmer.

"In an early assignment, each student interviews an arts professional, which provides the class with a great entry into the scope of this field. Students also develop grant proposals and press releases for their assigned organizations. The final project is a comprehensive case study of a nonprofit arts organization of the student's choosing, ranging from museums and theatre and dance companies to performing arts centers and community arts groups. In this assignment, each student researches and evaluates the organization's history, mission, programming and preparedness for the future by visiting, conducting interviews, and reviewing marketing materials and annual reports. By the end of the course, students have the fundamental vocabulary and working knowledge of best practices needed to run a healthy, vibrant arts organization."

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