September 22, 2017, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

Professor Doug Allen, management
Professor Doug Allen, management, is one of 14 Bucknell faculty members recently promoted to full professor. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

It's the goal every newly minted professor dreams of achieving: full professorship, the highest rank in the academic world. This year, Bucknell University promoted 14 outstanding faculty members to full professor, which honors scholarship and teaching at a superior level.

"Full professorship is the culmination of many years of sustained, intense work," said Provost Barbara Altmann. "This year, the University is pleased to confer the highest academic rank on an unusually large group of faculty members. It speaks to their shared dedication to excellence in teaching and scholarship, and demonstrates our deep commitment to development of intellectual capital at the University — our brain trust, if you will. These professors inspire their classes, advance scholarship in their fields, provide invaluable citizenship to the University, and mentor and lead younger faculty members by example." 

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