August 03, 2018, BY Beth Kaszuba

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Follow Sophia Klaber '20's journey from Bucknell to the 2017 FIL Rathbones Women's Lacrosse World Cup.

Sophia Klaber '20 holds dual citizenship in the United States and Belgium, speaks French and English fluently and is as comfortable on the lacrosse field as she in the classroom.

Bucknell, Klaber says, enables her to pursue her varied passions. Along with majoring in markets, innovation & design, which empowers students to turn ideas into real products and services, Klaber has served as co-president of the French Club — and captain of the Belgian Women's Lacrosse National Team, leading the squad at the 2017 World Cup.

A first-year student at the time, Klaber was also the youngest player on the international team.

"It was a unique experience," she says, adding, "Being an athlete at Bucknell is the definition of being a student-athlete. It's the best of both worlds."