August 29, 2018, BY Matt Hughes

Bucknell alumni and staff at ExxonMobil
In August, President John Bravman and other Bucknell representatives visited ExxonMobil's Houston campus and met with alumni. Pictured, left to right, are Scott Gosnell ’09, Bucknell Club of Houston president; Jeff Biamonte ’90; Stephanie Diegel Saravia ’11; George Grabowski ’74; Pat Flannery ’80, M’83; Megan Yarussi Gall ’99; Rich Fedock ’72; Carole Fedock; Kelly Anzulavich, annual giving officer; John Bravman; Tim Hinchman ’86; Paul Loranger ’00; Ed Clarke, director, Corporate & Foundation Relations; Patrick Mather, dean of the College of Engineering; Owen Michaelis ’95; Diane Hymas ’79; Mike Calizzi ’90; Amy Wilson, senior regional director, leadership gifts; Kevin Gerrity ’86.

Timothy Hinchman '86 credits Bucknell with preparing him to land his first job with ExxonMobil Corp., and says he's applied the problem-solving skills he gained in his mechanical engineering major throughout a lifetime of personal and professional experiences. Now a sales director of strategic global alliances for the corporation, Hinchman is joining other Bucknellians at the company in supporting a new generation of scientists, engineers and leaders.

"By supporting Bucknell, we are investing in the development of new technologies, future leaders, social progress and economic advancement," Hinchman said.

In August, the ExxonMobil Foundation, the company's primary philanthropic arm, presented Bucknell with a $212,000 donation. The gift represents a 3-to-1 match of gifts made by Hinchman and other Bucknell alumni who work for or are retired from ExxonMobil. Gifts support a variety of student needs, including scholarships and transformative undergraduate research projects.

Established in 1955, the ExxonMobil Foundation focuses its education initiatives on supporting programs that improve teaching and learning in math and science, and those that encourage women and minorities to become scientists and engineers. The gift brings the foundation's total Bucknell matches to approximately $3 million, multiplying the impact of the approximately $1 million given by alumni who are ExxonMobil employees and retirees. Hinchman said he's seen the value of the investment firsthand.

"Bucknell students push each other to grow and achieve," he said. "They have a good balance of subject matter knowledge combined with strong interpersonal skills. I want to work to ensure that other Bucknell graduates have the opportunity to experience a similar career path as I've had."