August 27, 2018, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

The new Bucknell app in use.
More robust features and custom content increase the utility of the Bucknell app. Photo by Emily Paine, Communications

The start of the new academic year brings the arrival of a better way to stay connected with Bucknell. The University has launched a new version of the Bucknell app — one that puts customized information in the palm of your hand on Apple or Android devices.

Users can now select personas, or identities specifically tailored to their needs, depending upon their relationship to the University. Here are just a few examples of the types of information delivered to each persona:

  • Prospective students can access campus visit and admissions information, while current students can check coursework on Moodle, look for available washers and dryers, and peruse the day's menu.
  • Alumni can network, make gifts, and get up-to-the minute information on special events such as Reunion or Homecoming.
  • Parents can access student-life information, manage billing and check the Family Weekend schedule.
  • Faculty and staff can access benefits, academic resources and a campus directory.
  • University guests can find quick information about accommodations, arts and athletics events, maps, parking information and dining options.

"The new Bucknell app is much faster and easier to use," said Chandler Houldin '20, president of Bucknell Student Government. "The design is attractive and compels students to use it on a daily basis for practical needs like finding out what's being served in Bostwick or what's happening on campus during the upcoming weekend. I'm looking forward to using the app as part of my daily routine, especially as features are added and improved."

The Bucknell app will be regularly updated with new features and is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.