January 25, 2018, BY Beth Kaszuba

Two Bucknell students discuss a poster with a professor.
Left to right, Emily Gross '18; Professor Alia Stanciu, management; and Sami Golaski '18 discuss an artist's representation of ideas presented at the College of Management's strategic planning retreat. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

Bucknell's management students create real companies that sell products to benefit charitable organizations. They oversee approximately $2 million of the University's endowment in the Student Managed Investment Fund. And they travel domestically and abroad to learn from successful alumni and gain a deeper understanding of management in the real world.  

Recently, members of the College of Management's student advisory board and other management students had the chance to take experiential learning a step further by joining faculty and administrators to shape the future of management at Bucknell.

"As we undergo strategic planning, charting a course for the college's growth and building upon our strong programs, we felt that student input was crucial," said Raquel Alexander, the Kenneth W. Freeman Professor & Dean of Management. "Students are key players in every step of the process, contributing on the same level as faculty, administrators and staff."

As part of the process, six students took part in a two-day strategic planning retreat, held on campus Jan. 11–12.

Bucknell students are an integral part of the College of Management's strategic planning process and work side by side with faculty and administrators. Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

"Bucknell's management professors care about what students think," said participant Sami Golaski '18, who is majoring in accounting & financial management. "One of the benefits of attending a liberal arts university is the chance to build personal connections and relationships with faculty."

Emily Gross '18, who majors in markets, innovation & design, added that planning and participating in the retreat was an empowering experience. "It's incredible that we got to be part of the process," she said. "We're important stakeholders, and we want to provide future management students with the best place possible to launch their careers."

Alexander noted that the college recently celebrated a significant student achievement, when the Student Managed Investment Fund's portfolio surpassed $2 million. The fund, launched in 2000 with an investment of $200,000, is managed by a group of Bucknell seniors and juniors who gain experience in econometric modeling, global economic analysis and economic-sector research.

"The $2 million milestone, achieved in late November, is a credit to the students who are chosen for this highly competitive capstone course," Alexander said. "Our programs draw outstanding, motivated individuals, and we strive to provide them with opportunities for real-world experiences, whether that means investing part of the University's endowment or shaping the college's future."