March 19, 2018, BY Matt Hughes

Professor Mike Krout
Professor Michael Krout frequently involves students in his chemistry research lab. Photo by TIm Sofranko

Bucknell student researchers will benefit from a grant of $55,000 awarded to Professor Michael Krout, chemistry, that could advance the development of pharmaceuticals and other chemical products. 

The grant from the American Chemical Society will further Krout's research into organic molecules called alpha, beta-unsaturated ketones, which are used by chemists to make a variety of substances, including pharmaceutical drugs.

"Most pharmaceuticals must be created through chemical reactions," Krout explained. "Our research is focused on developing processes that enable us to make useful chemical products — in this case, to make these unsaturated ketones."

Approximately half of the grant funds are earmarked to support student researchers who will work alongside Krout in his lab. The professor noted that preliminary results that helped him secure the grant were also developed by former student researchers Heather Rensch M'17 and Tyler Fulton '16, M'17.

"The projects explored in my lab are designed to engage the developing skill-set of undergraduate and master's students," Krout said. "My laboratory environment is highly collaborative — I work closely with students to aid in the development of their experimental and analytical lab skills."

Bucknell students have opportunities to work on faculty-directed and independent research projects, both throughout the academic year and during the summer, often with direct funding from the University. Funding from the grant will support Krout's research through 2020.