May 24, 2018, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

As one chapter ends, another begins. The Class of 2018 students who were profiled in Bucknell's popular Student Stories series are heading out into the world with diplomas in hand, confident in their abilities and excited for the future.

Before they'd even started classes, they'd been awarded recognition and opportunities in several prestigious programs, including Presidential Fellows, STEM Scholars, Gates Millennium Scholars, Posse Scholars and Arts Merit Scholars

Since arriving at Bucknell, they've earned degrees from the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering and, for the first time, from the Freeman College of Management.

Over the past four years, they became campus leaders, community activists and winners of competitions such as BizPitch and the Smithson Prize for Creative Writing. They were undergraduate researchers in areas from engineering and art history to mathematics and chemistry, and world travelers to countries including Morocco and France. They received honorable mention in the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship competition. They participated in Division I athletics in women's water polo and rowing, and men's track & field, as well as in cheerleading. One even summarized his Bucknell experience in an inspirational speech to his classmates as the student speaker at Commencement.

Now they're taking their knowledge and skills to the next level. Learn more about these exceptional graduates and the future plans made possible by their Bucknell experience.

Kyle Adams

Kyle Adams, economics and comparative humanities, will be attending the Boston University College of Law.

Nicole Adams

Nicole Adams, art history, will be working as an elementary school teacher in Newark, N.J., through Teach for America.

Rileigh Casebolt

Rileigh Casebolt, chemical engineering, will pursue a doctorate in chemical engineering at Cornell University.

Sami Golaski

Sami Golaski, accounting & financial management, will be working as an assurance analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Sam Greenberg

Sam Greenberg, computer engineering, will be working as a business and technology delivery analyst at Accenture Federal Services in Arlington, Va.

Daniel Hayes

Daniel Hayes, biology, will be working as a lab technician while applying to medical schools.

Joshua Hellerick

Joshua Hellerick, physics, will be working as a physicist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va.

Abby Kreznor

Abby Kreznor, chemistry, will pursue a doctorate in analytical chemistry at Kansas State University.

Shyla Lintz

Shyla Lintz, civil engineering, will be working as a bridge engineer with Greenman-Pedersen Inc.

Greg Miller

Greg Miller, interdepartmental geography and public policy, will be working as a technology analyst at Accenture Federal Services in Arlington, Va.

Jackson Pierce-Felker

Jackson Pierce-Felker, psychology and creative writing, will be a property management intern at a flower nursery in Turner, Maine. He plans to pursue a master's in social work, become a therapist, and eventually open a wellness center that provides mainstream and alternative therapies to individuals from marginalized communities.

Ridhi Sahani

Ridhi Sahani, biomedical engineering, will pursue a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia, working in the Multiscale Muscle Mechanophysiology Lab.

Mikaela Schaller

Mikaela Schaller, international relations and French & Francophone studies, will teach sixth-grade English in Florence, S.C., through Teach for America.