October 11, 2018, BY Matt Hughes

Watch ENG 290 students explore Ghana's infrastructure and culture.

Engineering solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Structures, power grids and computer programs must all match the cultural context of their environment. Bucknell's Engineering 290 study-abroad course examines this principle up close by transporting students to international destinations and enabling them to observe engineering in action from the ground level. This summer for the first time the course brought College of Engineering students to Africa, where they embarked on a three-week study of Ghana's quest to find appropriate technologies for its environments and cultures. Led by Professors Philip Asare, electrical & computer engineering, and Carmen Gillespie, English, their loop of the country included visits to hydroelectric dams, traditional textile workshops, bustling cities and rural villages. Learn more from civil engineering major Will Hatheway '19 in the video above.