September 14, 2018, BY Beth Kaszuba

This year's midterm elections are being carefully monitored as the nation grapples with tough, divisive issues, ranging from trade to immigration to foreign policy.

To help voters, including students and community members, better understand what's at stake, the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy (BIPP) is holding a fall lecture series, Midterm Elections 2018: What Are the Issues?

The series, which features "pizza and policy" lunchtime panels, evening lectures and alumni visits, includes a Family Weekend panel on trade, to be held Friday, Sept. 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the Academic West first floor lounge. The interdisciplinary discussion will be led by professors Adrian Mulligan, geography, and Christopher Magee, economics.

Other highlights include the following events:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 2 — Robin Roberts P'10, with National Media Relations, and Bradley Engle, with Purple Strategies, will discuss social media, data and marketing for issue advocacy, corporations and political candidates.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10 — David Hawkings '82, former senior editor at CQ Roll Call, will share his insights on the midterm elections.
  • Thursday, Oct. 18 — Tom Sheehy P'17, staff director for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, will discuss the House of Representatives and U.S. foreign policy.
  • Monday, Oct. 22 —  Margo Anderson '67, distinguished professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, will talk about her book The American Census: A Social History.

In addition, four recent alumni — Emily Cottle '17, Victoria Walker '18, Morgan Gisholt Minard '17 and Jake Kennedy '17 — will host a Friday, Oct. 19, panel on their work in Washington, D.C., during the Trump presidency.

"Typically, voter turnout is lower during midterm elections versus a presidential election year," said Amy Wolaver, professor of economics and director of BIPP. "Hopefully, by providing a series of panels and lectures, the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy can inform the campus and local community on policy issues that are relevant to this election cycle and increase voter participation."

All events are open to the public. Check the full schedule for dates, times and locations.