February 28, 2019, BY Matt Hughes

Max Cook's passion project brings together everything she's learning at Bucknell.

Most Bucknell students put the skills they build in the classroom to work after graduating, but approaching her senior year, chemical engineering major Max Cook '19 thought, 'Why wait?'

Cook founded Minimal Makeup, a business producing cosmetics derived from a streamlined list of naturally derived ingredients, while an undergraduate student at Bucknell. Cook's major has given her the technical expertise she needs to develop her products, but she's also drawn on skills from nearly every subject she's studied in Bucknell's varied liberal arts curriculum — everything from a biomaterials class in the College of Engineering to a geology class in the College of Arts & Sciences that helped her understand where many of her ingredients originate. She's even considering running her business as an independent study course for credit.

Learn more about Cook and how her Bucknell education has helped her kick-start her business in this Bucknell Student Story video.