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Is information about Commencement weekend available online?

Yes, the 2018 Commencement schedule can be found at

Is there a hotline number to assist us?

Yes, the hotline is generally staffed from 9 a.m. – noon and 1 – 4 p.m. during the work week. Call 570.577.1192 for personal assistance.

Is on-campus housing available?

Yes, lodging is available in specific residence halls. There are limited private baths available only to families attending with an individual with a disability. Many families like the convenience of staying on campus with no parking issues.

Are pets welcome on campus?

No, pets are not permitted in residence halls and are not allowed at the Commencement Ceremony on Malesardi Quadrangle. For information on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, please see the General Information page.

Are wheelchairs available?

The University does not loan or rent wheelchairs. You may call Dice Surgical at 570.322.0656 to rent one. It can be picked up on the second floor of the Elaine Langone Center.

What is the best way for the elderly and people with disabilities to access Malesardi Quadrangle for the Commencement Ceremony on Sunday?

As you enter campus, Public Safety officers will direct you to the drop-off in front of Malesardi Quad on Dent Drive. Staff will be there to assist your guests in exiting the vehicle, providing information on restrooms, accessing Malesardi Quad via an elevator in either Marts or Coleman Halls and answering any other questions you might have. The driver of the vehicle can then park the car in one of the many parking lots offering shuttle options.

Can wheelchairs be accommodated on Malesardi Quadrangle?

Yes. Call the hotline number at 570.577.1192 to reserve seating in this area and for personal attention to details.

This section is exclusively for wheelchair accommodations and family members. (See how to access Malesardi Quad in previous question.)

Is there an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter?

Yes. Call the hotline number at 570.577.1192 for reserved seating in this section.

Do I need to worry about sufficient guest seating on Malesardi Quadrangle?

No, there is always enough seating available for all guests. If you are planning to come early to reserve seats, please note that at least one guest must remain to hold seats. Items left unattended will be removed. The Malesardi Quad will not open until 7 a.m.

Is there inside viewing when the Ceremony is outside?

Yes, inside viewing is available in Trout Auditorium in the Vaughan Literature Building (directly adjacent to the reserved wheelchair section). This location is close, has a very large high definition video screen, and offers guests a comfortable climate. Many other live simulcast viewing locations will be available should the Ceremony be held indoors.

Is there a procedure in place for inclement weather?

Yes. Unfortunately, weather in central Pennsylvania is difficult to predict at times. Determination will be made at the earliest possible time on Sunday morning if the outdoor Ceremony must be canceled and moved to Gerhard Fieldhouse. To alert you to the change, we will make announcements through 570.577.2020 and campus email notification. Signs will be posted at the entrances to Malesardi Quadrangle and the lobby of the Elaine Langone Center. In addition, the University telephone operators will be informed at 570.577.2000.

Will the graduating senior receive tickets in the event of inclement weather?

Yes, the graduating senior will receive five (5) rain tickets with their cap and gown. These tickets will be required if the Ceremony is held indoors in Gerhard Fieldhouse. Tickets are not required on Malesardi Quadrangle, with the exception of specific reserved seating. Other guests may view a live webcast of the Commencement Ceremony indoors at the Weis Center for the Performing Arts, Trout Auditorium in Vaughan Literature and many other locations. For a complete list, see signage posted in the Elaine Langone Center.

Are there shuttles?

Yes, shuttles can be found circling the entire campus from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Sunday and will be available after the Ceremony and lunch.

What should I wear?

The Ceremony takes place on Malesardi Quadrangle, where seating is in the grass area. Sensible shoes should be worn, especially if the weather has been wet. Dressing with layers is appropriate as the weather can change throughout the morning ranging from quite chilly to extreme heat.

Are there accommodations to get beverages and/ or snacks?

Yes, the Bison Snack Bar is open on the ground floor of the Elaine Langone Center from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Limited drinks and snacks are available for purchase under a tent on the east side of the Bertrand Library. In addition, complimentary water and coffee are available in front of the Library.

Are there sufficient restroom accommodations?

Yes, restrooms are available in the Bertrand Library and all floors of Coleman Hall. All are accessible. Portable restroom facilities are located to the west of the Library.

There is an accessible restroom in Marts Hall on the ground level off Dent Drive.

Is there an area to take photos of graduates as they receive their diploma?

Yes, there is an area on the west side of Malesardi Quadrangle for guests to take photos as their graduate is receiving their diploma. Please note that a photographer from Island Photography will be taking a photo of each graduate as they receive their diploma, so feel free to stay seated and relax. Information will be sent out about how to purchase these photos directly from Island Photography.

Is there a live webcast for family members who are unable to attend?

Yes. For information and a link to the live webcast, go to