Bucknell Forum Guiding Principles

  • The Speaker Series Task Force will uphold and strengthen the mission, vision and reputation of the University and the goals of The Plan for Bucknell.

  • Through the forum, the Speaker Series Task Force will aim to offer opportunities for Bucknell to provide a model for contemporary discourse.

  • The Speaker Series Task Force will seek to host one to three speakers per academic year, representing diverse viewpoints and disciplines and who are accomplished in their field(s) and most likely to engage a wide Bucknell constituency.

  • The Speaker Series Task Force will promote events widely on campus and in the community to encourage maximum awareness and attendance.

  • The Speaker Series Task Force will, to the best of its ability, coordinate forum events to ensure that audience members, especially Bucknell students, have the opportunity to ask questions of speakers.

  • As a speaker series, the Bucknell Forum must focus its resources on Bucknell Forum events and is not able to provide funding to other speaking events. However, for those speaker events requesting promotional assistance, the Bucknell Forum will make every effort to help promote other speaking events.

  • Whenever possible through agreement with forum speakers, the task force will have forum events re-broadcast for the local community through myBucknell and, if possible, on public television. The speaker series task force will also seek national media coverage of forum events as appropriate.

Ticketing Procedures and Policies


The demand for reserved tickets for Bucknell Forum events in the Weis Center has typically exceeded the number of tickets available. This document discusses the relative priority for tickets given to each of the various groups associated with the Bucknell community based on the Speaker Series Task Force's (SSTF) operating principles and the ticketing/attendance experiences at previous forum events. It is important to note that all seats for Bucknell Forum events, including those that are ticketed, are free.


The SSTF recognizes current students, faculty and staff as the priority audiences for Bucknell forum events, and will work to ensure members of those respective audiences have an equal opportunity to access event tickets. The SSTF also recognizes that Bucknell alumni, families, and donors are valuable members of our community. As such, a small number of tickets will be reserved for those respective audiences, and will be allocated in coordination with the Office of Development & Alumni Relations. Finally, the SSTF will allocate a small number of tickets to the general public, as the series represents an important means to achieve The Plan for Bucknell's goal of connecting the University with the community.

Regular Ticket Distribution

The SSTF has experimented with a variety of ticketing distribution methods over the past several years. It has concluded the the most equitable approach that meets the needs of campus, the community and speaks to the Bucknell Forum's guiding principles is as follow:

Current Bucknell students, faculty and staff may receive up to two free tickets at the Weis Center box office on the day of the forum event. Exact times will vary, but will be publicized in advance of the event. A valid Bucknell University ID will be required to receive advanced tickets. (Use of multiple Bucknell IDs to pick up additional sets of tickets is prohibited.)

A block of tickets will also be reserved for the general public. Distribution of those tickets will occur on the evening of the event. Again, specific details will be publicized well in advance of the event. All individuals may receive up to two free tickets, depending on availability.

All ticket holders must be seated within 15 minutes prior to the start of an event. All seats that remain unoccupied 15 minutes prior to the start the event may be released to the general public.

Please note: While the ticketing method described above is the SSTF's preferred approach, the distribution method may vary depending on the specific event.