Bucknell University is proud of its campus and welcomes guests who want to photograph or film it. But the University also is private property. Our students, faculty and staff of the University have a right to conduct their business on campus freely, and the University must protect its physical space from being inappropriately used in commercial projects or advertising. Therefore, any photography for use in professional, documentary or commercial venues or that will not be exclusively used for private purposes must be approved by the Office of Communications, 570.577.3260.

This policy applies to any type of advertising or news photography – stills, video and film in any format. In specific,

  1. All commercial photography of interior and exterior spaces on campus requires written permission from the Office of Communications.
  2. News photography on campus is generally permitted as long as the news story pertains to or involves the University or a member of the campus community. Permission must be granted from the Office of Communications before any photography on campus, including of public spaces, administrative buildings, residence halls and dining areas, classrooms and laboratories. In addition, permission must be granted from individual faculty members for photography of classrooms and laboratories they would be using at the time.
  3. If permission is granted, the Office of Communications is available to assist media with shooting on campus if needed, including coordinating locations when permission has been granted.

No photographer may profit from Bucknell images without prior agreement with the University.

Photographing or Filming at Bucknell University

Bucknell University welcomes the opportunity to work with members of the media wishing to pursue stories featuring our students, faculty, staff and campus. 

Any visiting organization or individual, including members of the media, wishing to film, photograph or otherwise capture images of Bucknell or interview students, faculty or staff for other than private use must first coordinate with the Office of Communications. Depending on the nature and scope of filming or photography involved, those organizations or individuals may be required to fill out a filming release and meet Bucknell's insurance requirements.