October 06, 2009

Kate Burke '09Kate Burke '09

"In July, I started working for Merck & Co. in Rahway, N.J., as a biochemical engineer in the bioprocess research and development division. This work involves the development of biologics and pharmaceutical products derived from living cells. My Bucknell education definitely prepared me to launch a successful career. Although there still is a steep learning curve with my new job responsibilities at Merck, Bucknell's biomedical engineering curriculum taught me how to face challenges and solve problems - both theoretical and practical. I'm fortunate to have had such an open and friendly learning experience and to now have the opportunity to use my skills in an innovative industry that seeks to develop solutions for unmet global medical needs." - Kate Burke '09 launched her biomedical engineering career at Merck & Co.


Chris GabrylukChris Gabryluk '09

"Bucknell exceeded any expectation I may have had when I first stepped foot on campus. While I spent a lot of time in Gerhard Fieldhouse for track practice or in Breakiron Engineering working on homework and projects, my college experience was rich and fulfilling due to an outstanding liberal arts education. The faculty and students in the Biomedical Engineering Department played a big part in my undergrad successes. I had the opportunity to work on team design projects ranging from a computer-controlled dialysis unit to a bone-quality measurement device, which may eventually be used to assess a patient's risk of osteoporotic fracture in an orthopaedic operating room. This fall, I started work on my master's degree in Cornell University's Department of Biomedical Engineering. I'm collaborating with a post-doctorate advisor on a project in orthopaedic biomechanics while having direct correspondence with New York's Hospital for Special Surgery. My hope is that this opportunity will lead to working for a medical device company where I will be able to put my academic knowledge to practical use. The connections and experiences I'll obtain as a graduate student will no doubt have a major impact on my professional life, but it would be truly inconceivable to imagine myself as the person I have become today without Bucknell." - Chris Gabryluk '09 is working on a master's degree at Cornell University


Stephanie RinkStephanie Rink '09

"This fall, I began pursuing graduate education at Penn State University. I applied to the Nutrition Department at Penn State along with several other similar graduate programs as I finished my bachelor's degrees in Spanish and chemistry. A few weeks after my application was submitted, I received a phone call from a professor at Penn State wanting to discuss my specific interests within nutrition (which include the medical side of the field). I was asked to visit the department for a day and, subsequently, was invited to change my application to apply for the Ph.D. track and was officially accepted shortly thereafter. In addition to my coursework in nutrition science, I'm participating in in-depth research with my advisor — specifically how iron deficiency and lead exposure affect childhood development. The data collection began in Uruguay, where I made great use of my Spanish degree." - Stephanie Rink '09, is working toward a Ph.D. as a nutrition researcher at Penn State University


Angela RemeikaAngela Remeika '09

"It wasn't until I left Bucknell that I realized how special and unique the Bucknell experience truly is. I could not be prouder to call myself a Bucknellian. After graduating, I joined Teach for America, committing two years to teach in an under-served urban K-12 school in the effort to expand educational opportunity and eliminate educational inequity. In my middle school science classroom in Dallas, Texas, you will find an entire wall dedicated to my Orange and Blue pride. One of my students commented, 'Ms. Remeika, when you talk about Bucknell you are always smiling. I think I want to study neuroscience in college, too.' Bucknell's strong network of alumni, faculty, staff and students provided support that allowed me to enter the real world filled with purpose, direction and meaning. It provided me with the knowledge, skills and mindset to give back, move forward and flourish. Bucknell is more than a special place in my heart. It is part of every lesson I teach, every smile, and every effort to make a difference. Following my two-year commitment with Teach for America, I will pursue a Ph.D. program studying philosophy of neuroscience in hopes of becoming a university professor." - Angela Remeika '09 (pictured second from left) joined Teach for America and is teaching in Dallas, Texas


Joe Valickus '09

"What I believe makes Bucknell a place cherished by many is the well-known concept of the 'Bucknell experience'.  Each student's experience is different, but each will also be able to relate to this idea in a positive and endearing fashion. Like others, I believe that my decisions and individual 'Bucknell experience' led to a solid preparation for my next step in life. I graduated with a foundation in engineering, but am grateful that I was able to balance my study in engineering with numerous liberal arts opportunities. While Bucknell does offer extensive opportunities for every student, I realize that the true value of my education lay in the relationships I made. Professors demonstrated a strong interest in the success and lives of students while maintaining a professional and challenging curriculum. Staff and administrators ensured that students had the opportunity to become a key part of the campus fabric. I developed unique, meaningful friendships with those whose job it was to educate me. I was consistently impressed that faculty and campus mentors encouraged students to strive to participate outside of the classroom. And most important, are the peer relationships that I hope will be lifelong friendships. - Joe Valickus '09 is working at an investment management company and in July 2010 will join UBS in Stamford, Conn.


Morgane TreantonMorgane Treanton '09

"The most essential lesson I learned at Bucknell University was the importance of individuality. The small student-to-faculty ratio allowed me to receive individual attention. My professors taught me to think critically, to express myself better (something that has taken me a lot of work), and the necessary steps for effective research. The highlight of my Bucknell experience came to me after I graduated when I was able to practically apply my classroom knowledge and educational experience as a research assistant with a Bucknell professor. I travelled to Kyrgyzstan, located in Central Asia, for three months to help that professor with her sabbatical research. I am currently working on a 130-foot educational and sail-training schooner as a deckhand. My Bucknell education has helped me succeed in this field by reinforcing my abilities to work in a team, lead and follow my passion." - Morgane Treanton '09 is sailing the high seas as a deckhand aboard a sail-training schooner


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