Mary Streep P'12, formerly founder and President of Mary Street Interiors, Mary decided to take a break from her 10 years in interior design to raise her 4 children. During that time she began volunteering for a variety of charities and found a deep love of helping others.

As a result, the activities that keep her busy are ones that profoundly touch the lives of others. She is a Deacon at her church which has a variety of duties. She brings flowers to the sick and shut-ins, gives communion once a month to the congregation, and meets with the confirmation class to hear their views and spread the word, among other duties. She also serves meals on wheels and works at the Norwalk Food Bank. Mary goes on Mission Trips rebuilding homes in Louisiana with her church. She is on the Advisory board for The Parents Television Council which is an advocacy group that helps fight bad T.V. Mary is a Trustee on the board of her alma mater, New England College, and is on the board of the William E. Simon Foundation. She takes care to pay attention to her 4 children and husband everyday.