My student has special dietary considerations. Can Dining Services help?

We understand how challenging dining with dietary needs and allergy concerns can be, and as such we have developed the following allergen program to help meet all students' needs.

As of January 2018, all food handlers working for Bucknell dining have completed the full Allertrain U manager level allergen awareness program conducted by an outside training agency

All items served in Bostwick Marketplace are clearly labeled via countertop menu signs with icons representing 10 major allergens and indicating gluten friendly, vegan or vegetarian status.

Bostwick Marketplace Allergy Friendly Zone offers allergen free items designed to complement and complete your meal along with designated toasters and utensils and is divided into three areas, each focused on specific allergen avoidance including:

  • Gluten Free
  • Soy, Peanut and Tree Nut Free
  • Egg and Dairy Free (Vegan)

Guests may always have items individually cooked to order at Bostwick's Saute station as well as bada Basil and Bison Fresh in The Bison and at the grill station in The Commons Cafe.

Our catering department is able to provide individually crafted meals to fulfill specific dietary needs as long as arrangements are made prior to the event.

Our managers and supervisors will be happy to discuss our gluten and allergen friendly offerings every day.

If you are touring Bucknell University or already a member of the Bucknell community and want to meet and discuss specific information, please contact a member of the Dining Services team or e-mail

Eat Well

EatWell is Bucknell's online tool that allows students, faculty, and staff to make educated food choices. This service allows visitors to:

  • View nutrition information for individual items, or calculate the nutrition of an entire meal
  • Filter menu options by allergens

Most importantly, EatWell provides information to enable students, faculty, and staff to learn healthy eating habits and choose well balanced meals.
|| Learn more about Eat Well.

Access the EatWell online tool.

Learn more about the process for requesting Dining & Food Allergy Accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Resources.

The Bucknell Nutrition Initiative Program (BNIP)

Through the use of advanced educational programming, diet education materials, and specific BNIP signage throughout the various dining locations.  Look for the BNIP Logo or highlighting signifying Healthier Dining Choices on menus throughout the Bucknell Dining Locations and menus. Feel free to contact Tanya Williams at the Student Health Center to discuss individual nutrition assessment and treatment/counseling sessions. See recommended portion sizes.

Nutritional information on this site is approximate, and is based on United States Department of Agriculture nutritional data. Variations can be expected due to seasonal influences, minor differences in product assembly or supply in a particular location, and other factors. Substitution of ingredients or variations in serving sizes may also alter nutritional values. Therefore, all values are provided for informational purposes only and Parkhurst cannot guarantee that the information provided on this site is completely accurate as it relates to the prepared items in any particular location. Additionally, Parkhurst and its employees do not assume any responsibility for an individual's sensitivity, allergy or special dietary needs, however, if you have any questions about products, nutrition or have any food-related sensitivities, allergies or special dietary needs, please do not hesitate to contact the location manager or chef at your location. Any information on this site, or information received from particular location employees, is not intended as a substitute for sound advice from your health care professional.

Want to schedule an appointment with our nutritionist?

Feel free to contact Tanya Williams at Bucknell Student Health to discuss individual nutrition assessment and treatment/counseling sessions. or 570.577.3987

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