Publich Safety Parking StickerBucknell University welcomes you, the motorist, on campus. Students, faculty, staff and visitors who drive vehicles on campus will be responsible for proper registration, use and operation of their vehicles in accordance with the traffic/parking regulations set forth by Bucknell University and Pennsylvania state law.

The University recognizes the use of motor vehicles as a convenience and it is not obligated to provide unlimited parking for all vehicles entering campus. It will, however, attempt to provide reasonable parking spaces for properly registered vehicles within the sites available.

The Department of Public Safety has developed a website,, that contains all traffic rules and regulations, violations and fines, as well as the campus parking map (also offered in print format).

The objective of these regulations are: to define parking areas and provide for their most effective use; limit all parking to within designated areas in order to control the smooth flow of traffic; and, to provide access to all roadways and parking lots by emergency vehicles at all times. To accomplish these objectives, cooperation of all motorists on campus is expected.

General Rules and Regulations

The University reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time in the future.

Given that they are first and foremost, Bucknell students, the dependent children of Bucknell faculty and staff members who are enrolled at Bucknell are required to purchase student parking decals and abide by the parking rules of students.

All University and contract employees, current and retired, may park in Staff or All Decal parking lots during their working hours, when visiting campus or attending an event. Vehicles may not be left unattended on campus property overnight unless employee is working on campus or is out of town on University business.

All University and contract employees, students and campus visitors are required to obtain, review and adhere to the campus parking rules and regulations.

All parking spaces on University property are permit parking only.

Bucknell University does not guarantee parking will be available. All legal parking areas are posted. If an area is not posted or lined for parking, you may not park there. This includes parking in and around fraternity houses.

Responsibility of finding a legal parking space lies with the vehicle operator. A lack of a space where one would like to park is not a valid excuse for violating any parking regulation. Incorrect information given by someone other than an authorized official of Public Safety is not a valid excuse. Phone Public Safety with any questions.

By registering a vehicle on campus, the operator is agreeing to comply with the regulations of Bucknell University. Every vehicle must be registered with the Parking Division of Bucknell University’s Department of Public Safety. The vehicle must properly display a decal or temporary permit issued by the Parking Division. Request permits online at Parking decals that are not displayed properly are not considered valid and will be ticketed.

Students are eligible to receive a parking permit when they are in their sophomore, junior or senior year providing there are no current restricting sanctions. First-year students need not apply as they are not eligible.

Permit holders are responsible for all violations and fines incurred by a vehicle registered to them regardless of who operates the vehicle.

Those individuals leaving a vehicle unattended on campus while abroad, over breaks, or for any 2 week period, must have the vehicle properly registered and display a parking decal issued by Public Safety and will be required to park only in Lot #55. Parking in any other area of campus may result in ticket issuance and/or towing.

Guests to campus who wish to park on University properties may obtain permission for 3 days from the Parking Division of Public Safety. Hosts are responsible for notifying their guests of the parking rules and regulations to ensure their compliance. Visitors and non-University personnel who violate University or state parking or traffic laws are subject to civil action through the District Magistrate in Union County.

Requests from staff to transfer a permit to a new or different vehicle must be made to and approved by the parking office.

Permits are for the registered vehicle only. It is not permissible for students to transfer permits from one vehicle to another. This means you may not transfer the permit "assigned" to your vehicle to any other vehicle of yours or another students. Each vehicle permit is "assigned" to match that vehicle plate. Change of license plate must be reported to Public Safety parking office immediately. New vehicles brought to campus must be registered immediately. Permits are not to be sold. An individual may not register a vehicle for another individual.

If you are intending to have a vehicle on campus for 2 weeks or less, you may purchase a temporary permit online for $10.

Two-wheeled transports, such as motorcycles, motor scooters, motorized bicycles, mopeds or Segways, must comply with all Pa. Department of Motor Vehicle regulations as well as Bucknell University parking and traffic regulations.

The Department of Public Safety must be notified of all disabled motor vehicles immediately, 24 hours a day, at (570)-577-3333. Portable battery chargers are available for sign out at Public Safety with proper Bucknell ID.

The maximum speed on campus roads is 15 miles per hour. Parking lots require slower speeds.

Vehicles must yield to pedestrians. Failure to yield will result in a fine or loss of privileges on campus.

All vehicles must be parked within the two designated white lines provided. Only authorized disabled or service vehicles may park within the designated blue or green lines. You may not park and activate your 4-ways to make a space where there are no designated lines.

If an area is not posted with a sign or lines, you may not park there.

Students and employees are not permitted to park in visitor parking, whether or not the vehicle is registered.

Students and employees are not visitors.

15-minutes zones are monitored and tickets issued to violators. Ticketers may use a chalk timer and photographic evidence log for violation tracking.

Lost or stolen decals must be reported immediately or you may be responsible for any tickets accrued for that decal.

Ticketing and Appeals

No member of Public Safety holds a position on the Parking Appeals Committee. The Bucknell University Parking Appeals Committee reviews appeals once each month and consists of one faculty member, one staff member and one student member. The Parking Appeals Committee remains anonymous to the campus community just as the appealing individual remains anonymous to the Parking Appeals Committee.

The following will NOT be accepted:

  • No spaces were available in the lot I wanted to park in.
  • I did not know the regulations.
  • Incorrect information given by someone other than Public Safety.
  • I was only parked for a minute.
  • I was running late.
  • My friend borrowed my car and parked there.
  • I did not see the sign.
  • No one else got a ticket.
  • Everyone else does it.

Ticket appeals will be accepted online only, no later than 10 calendar days after the ticket is issued. Appeals received later then 10 calendar days will not be accepted for review. All appeal decisions are FINAL.

Habitual offenders, those with five or more paid or unpaid tickets, will be placed on an immobilization report, booted, charged a boot fee of $100, their parking privileges will be revoked and they will be required to meet with the Parking Management Coordinator. They will be placed in restricted parking for two weeks without use of a vehicle, after which time, should they violate again, they will be towed at their expense and lose vehicle privileges for the remainder of the academic year or the first semester of the following year.

Bucknell University does not issue permanent disabled parking permits, and will only honor State issued disabled placards and plates. Please indicate on permit request, where provided, if you have a current State disabled placard or plate.

If throughout the academic year you become medically in need of a State disabled placard or plate, please apply online at your states DMV website. You will be given a temporary placard from the Parking Division for two weeks only while you apply for a temporary from the state. This will allow you to park in student, staff, 15-minute or visitor, but not the blue, state mandated spaces. If you are in possession of a State disabled placard or plate you will be allowed to park in any valid disabled space. If these are occupied, you will be permitted to park in staff, student, 15-minute or visitor parking areas.

Vehicles subject to towing at the owner’s/operator’s expense include, but are not limited to:

  • Those posing a danger to campus property and/or any individual.
  • Those that have been abandoned or unidentified.
  • Those that interfere with emergency personnel in the performance of their duties.
  • Those habitual offenders who have demonstrated a lack of concern and/or respect for Bucknell University officers and policies.

Permit Types and Pricing

Student Year


Student Semester


Student Temporary (valid for two weeks)


Student Additional (after purchase of a student year)





All student decals have expiration dates printed on them.

Violations and Fines

All fines can be paid at the Cashier's window on the first floor of Marts Hall. If not paid in this manner, the charge will automatically be applied to the ID holder's account. All violations accrued by any driver operating a motor vehicle will be charged to the registrant of that vehicle. || List of Violations and Fines