Work Hard, Play Smart!

Work Hard, Play Smart

Bucknell students take pride in their work, but we recognize the need to have a good time too. This web page is dedicated to helping students have fun in a safe and responsible way.

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FEMALES: Do you know your BAC?

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MALES: Do you know your BAC?

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* ONE DRINK = 12oz beer = 4oz wine = 1oz shot

Blood Alcohol Content

Stay in the BLUE

0.02 - 0.03 = No loss of coordination, slight euphoria and loss of shyness.
0.04 - 0.06 = Feeling of relaxation, lower inhibitions, some minor impairment of reasoning & memory, lowering of cautions.

Beware of the ORANGE

0.07 - 0.09 = Slight impairment of balance, speech, & reaction time, judgement reduced, reason impaired.
0.10 - 0.125 = Significant impairment of motor coordination & loss of good judgement, slurred speech, balance & reaction time impaired.
0.13 - 0.15 = Gross motor impairment & lack of physical control. Blurred vision, loss of balance, anxiety, judgement and perception are severely impaired.
0.16 - 0.19 = Nausea & more anxiety, appears as “sloppy drunk”.
0.20 - 0.24 = vomiting, blackouts likely.

Keep out of the RED

0.25 - 0.29 = Mental, physical & sensory functions severely impaired, risk of serious injury.
0.30 - 0.34 = Stupor, little comprehension, may pass out, hard to awaken.
0.35+ = Coma and/or death possible SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION!
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